How many days until Mevlid Kandili? When and what day is the Mevlid Kandili 2022?


While there is no clear statement about the prayers to be performed in the Mevlid Kandil, Imam Suyuti, an Islamic scholar living in the 14th century, briefly said the following about the subject:
“People gather for the Mevlid-i Nebevi and read the Qur’an, Hz. Voicing the news / legends about the Prophet’s (pbuh) succession and arranging meals on this occasion is a bid’ah / a good bidat. Because at these meetings, Mr. There is great reverence and respect for the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and great joy because of his presence in the world. This will endow its owner with a great reward.” (see Suyuti, al-Havî li’l-fatavi, 1/272-shamile).
It is mustahab to gather at the mawlid nights, to recite the mawlid ode, to eat and drink sweet things, to do charity and good deeds, and to give thanks for that night. Giving clothes and similar gifts to the righteous is to show respect to this night. It would be very rewarding to do these for the sake of Allah. Gathering the righteous, reciting salawat, feeding the poor is always rewarding in the Mevlid community.
In the mawlid community, giving alms, giving gifts, showing joy and joy, and having the mawlid eulogy recited without mixing it with haram will be very rewarding. Performing the rosary prayer on this night is another suggestion made by scholars.
Tonight, it is very rewarding to read, listen to and learn about the miracles and states seen at the time of the birth of the Messenger of Allah. There is nothing wrong with fasting today or the next day. It is good to keep it, it will be rewarding. Islamic scholars gave great importance to the night of mawlid.
When commemorating the birth of our Muazzez Prophet, it is not enough to just chant mawlids, sing hymns and distribute candles. The main purpose of commemorating his birth is to remember his universal prophethood, high morality, virtue, justice and righteousness and to renew the determination to apply them in our lives. The only way to reach the love, pleasure and forgiveness of Almighty Allah is Hz. To follow the path of the Prophet. The following is stated in the Qur’an on this subject: “(O Muhammad!) Say: If you love Allah, follow me, Allah will love you and forgive your sins. Allah is extremely forgiving and merciful.” (Âl-i İmrân, 31) As stated in this verse, pleasing Allah is possible by following His Prophet and taking him as an example.
We should at least recite a rosary and salutation on our Prophet (PBUH). We should wholeheartedly say, “Es-salatu wa’s-salamu aleyke, O Messenger of Allah”.
We should pray and invoke Allahu ta’ala in complete awe. Because prayer is the key to the doors of mercy, the spirit of servitude and the essence of worship. It is a person who becomes lonely to accept his helplessness in the face of the majesty of Allah, Who has unlimited and infinite power, to take refuge in Him, to pray to Him, and to ask Him for whatever they want. It is the most immediate moment when man approaches his creator. Prayer is a bridge that man, who is a limited, finite and helpless being, builds with his Lord, who has unlimited and infinite power, is calling the Mevlid-i Absolute to help. Prayer, in the spirit of servitude and beyond the ordinary meaning of asking, is the most rooted case of taking refuge in the truth of Allah’s Lordship and divinity.