How does Turkey go from the Nations League to EURO 2024?

A National Team maintained its top position in the Nations League for one week and secured promotion to the B League. Thus, Turkey has the right to go to EURO 2024 from the Nations League. So how does the National Team go from the Nations League to the European Championship?

The National Team, which drew 3-3 with Luxembourg in the UEFA Nations League, reached 13 points and guaranteed promotion to the B League with one week left.

While the A Nationals returned to the B League after a one-year hiatus, the victory in the group also opened the way to EURO 2024 for the Crescent-Stars.

How does Turkey go from the Nations League to EURO 2024?

According to the news of NTV Spor, 3 teams that will participate in the tournament according to the format of the European Championship are included in the tournament with the quota of the Nations League. Turkey has the right to participate in the championship from this quota with the points it has collected in the Nations League.

In the Nations League, the teams that scored the most points in the A, B and C Leagues and could not get a European Championship ticket will play in the play-offs. At the end of the play-offs, the winner of each league will go to EURO 2024.

For example, if the A National Team cannot participate in the EURO 2024 Qualifiers, it will compete with the other three teams that collected the most points in the C League. In the play-offs, the semi-finals will be played with double legs and the final match will be played with one leg. The team that wins the final will go to the European Championship.

Possible opponents of Turkey in case of play-off

Since the European Championship Qualifiers have not started, the countries that will compete in the play-off round are not certain yet.

However, the 4 teams that have collected the most points in the C League so far are as follows: