Hot hours in Galatasaray! Until the last day of the transfer…


Galatasaray The club has an intense experience in both internal and external transfers. traffic lives. The world-famous star Mauro, for whom he made a 1-year rental offer for the striker position IcardiAlmost every minute, there is a new challenge for the yellow-red people, who are waiting for the answer from , and keep Umut Bozok as an alternative. transfer development is taking place. It seems that until September 8, when the summer transfer window will close, many football players will join or be sent to Galatasaray.

Left-back eyes on Reguilon

Finding Patrick Van Aanholt’s performance insufficient, Galatasaray decided to reinforce the left-back and accordingly made an offer to Milan’s Senegalese football player Fode Ballo-Toure. However, when Ballo-Toure stated that he wanted to continue his career in Italy or France and responded negatively, Sergio Reguilon, who played for Tottenham, was put on the agenda. Lazio is also in play for the Spanish left-back, which the English team sacrificed. Reguilon’s priority is Lazio; If he cannot agree with this team, he will come to Galatasaray on loan for 1 year.


4.5 million euro offer to Boey

Despite not being taken to the preparatory camp at the beginning of the season in Galatasaray, Sacha Boey, who was given the chance to play after consecutive injuries, used the opportunity in the best way and received great praise from everyone. The 21-year-old right-back, who was appreciated for his performance, received a serious offer from Italy. Udinese offered Galatasaray 4.5 million Euros, with the option to lease for 1 year and then buy. After the Trabzonspor match, Okan Buruk and the management will decide the future of Boey together.

Locals who don’t play want to go

Although they played regularly last season, Berkan Kutlu, Taylan Antalyalı, Oğulcan Çağlayan and Ömer Bayram, who remained substitutes this season, conveyed to Okan Buruk and the management that they wanted to leave the club. All four players demanded that they be given to the teams they could play. Buruk will try to improve their morale by meeting with these players and explain that he can give them a chance in the future; If he cannot persuade them, he will allow them to be sent. Gaziantep wants Taylan and Eyüpspor wants Ömer.



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