Horrible murder in Germany: He killed his like to show himself dead

Wanting to start a new life because of her family problems, the woman found a young girl who looked a lot like her to make herself look dead. The murder of the person who put his identity next to the victim, whom he stabbed in 50 places, came to light in a short time.

Police teams in Ingolstadt, Germany, found a woman’s body in a parked car.

With the ID found next to the woman, who was determined to have been stabbed in 50 places, it was determined that she was Sharaban K., a German citizen of Iraqi origin.

He killed someone very similar to him to start a new life.

Police spokesman Andreas Aichele, who made a statement to NBC News, announced that 23-year-old Sharaban K., planning to start a new life due to flame problems, found and killed a woman who looked very similar to him.

Horrible murder in Germany: He killed his like to show himself dead

Victim’s true identity revealed

After the autopsy, the victim was determined to be Khadidja O., a 23-year-old Algerian beauty blogger.

After the information revealed by the police, it was reported that the two women were very similar to each other, they both had brunette and long black hair, and their make-up appearances were very similar.

Finally, the Police Spokesperson, “The crime weapon was not found, but the evidence was very strong. The victim was killed by more than 50 stab wounds and his face was unrecognizable.” used his statements.