Horizontal transfer irregularity

A friend of mine, who teaches at the Faculty of Law, told me; I couldn’t believe my ears. In the One on One Program presented by Fatih Altaylı on Habertürk Television the previous day, Boğaziçi University Economics Department Head Prof. Dr. When I heard what Ünal Zenginobuz said, I immediately grabbed the phone. I talked about this issue with my doctor friend, who is a good lawyer, whom I have heard before. After getting the details, I called YÖK and Prof. I asked him about the striking and frightening allegations made by Zenginobuz.

While the investigation regarding the KPSS exam questions continues and the bad traces of FETÖ’s irregularities and question thefts have not been erased from the memory of the citizen; One on One Prof. Dr. The allegations made by Zenginobuz were unbelievable.

prof. Dr. Ünal Zenginobuz claimed that some Turkish students were placed in Boğaziçi University with foreign quota without examination. “I was dismissed because I objected to the admission of some Turkish citizens selected from the foreign student quota to the school without an exam,” Zenginobuz said.


When I researched the subject, I came to the conclusion that these allegations of Zenginobuz should not be underestimated, and that YÖK and even prosecutors’ offices should step in. Let me explain why and in detail:

Candidates who do not have enough points in the universities that accept students through the central examination, that is, cannot get a good school in Turkey, enroll in third and even fourth-class schools in countries with low education quality abroad, but in countries that do business in this business and earn big money in this way. Let me also mention that there are brokers who take students here and trade the business.

As for the next part of the work; Students who enroll in schools abroad, after a while, transfer to schools in Turkey, as well as to departments with high scores. Although, of course, there is no such horizontal right of passage. Here, too, the organized crime organization comes into play: Necessary documents are prepared in the relevant country. Things are settled in Turkey and these people are transferred to schools in Turkey with the status of “foreign student”.

Let me quote this part with the narration of my lecturer friend: “There are a few students in our school as well. As far as I can see, stop studying in law school; Even in primary school he can hardly read. You look at your education; placed here by horizontal transition. They give such exam papers that you will be confused. How does a university student give such a paper? You can’t help but ask. When they can’t pass the class, they go and complain that ‘he left me in the classroom’. How should I pass this student? Tomorrow, this man will bring a file and make a judgment… I cannot bear such a conscientious burden…”


abroad by paying the money; These children, who go to schools in countries such as Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus, Bulgaria and Romania, spend an average of one thousand Euros per month, excluding school fees, and stay there. Then they get in touch with the organized organization that took them to these countries, get the relevant documents from these countries, and they transfer to good schools in Turkey by paying 15 thousand dollars per student. Since they could not enter the top 1000, they transfer from the law faculties, engineering or medicine departments of these universities, which have no equivalence or problems in Turkey, to the same departments of Turkey’s best schools, as if they were foreign students or as living abroad. Of course, because they came without taking the exam, they usurped the rights of the students in Turkey, who competed under equal conditions, and undermined the principle of fairness and equal opportunity in education.


They state that this extra-legal mechanism is common in private universities, but it is also present in state universities, although they are few in number. An important part of private universities already welcome students with money at the door with a red carpet.


When I conveyed the complaints and allegations about the subject to YÖK, I learned that there have been complaints about this subject before, that the issue of equivalence is a bleeding wound and that YÖK is preparing to make a comprehensive change in this area from next year. YÖK officials stated that there are those who try to break the equivalence system, and that there are 19 thousand students, not 90 thousand, who are said to have suffered from this issue. According to the authorities: “There are traders who make money from this system. They take young people abroad and enroll them in some schools there. Although there are universities in Turkey that have no equivalence and cannot enter the top 1000, traders deceive students by saying that they have an equivalence. Sometimes amnesty comes out, I log into the system; It is thought that I will get equivalence. They fell into the hands of brokers.”


Stating that YÖK evaluates the complaints received and takes immediate action, the officials said, “We have to protect the rights of our children here as well. Sometimes it is turned into an opposition project, but it is known that there are people with bad intentions. We always say this to our students. YÖK has a system. Check e-government before you go. If it’s a sign university, don’t go here for nothing. YÖK Legal Service also evaluates complaints on this matter immediately; The solution sometimes takes time. Matters deemed necessary regarding the complaints are forwarded to the prosecutor’s office. In this issue, we have both our national wealth going abroad and grievances. In Turkey, we have to protect our children who have passed the exam properly.”


Former President of YÖK, Yekta Saraç, confirmed that illegal transfers were made in some places, based on the practice of providing “lateral transfer opportunities to universities in Turkey” due to pandemic conditions. Saraç said, “During the pandemic period, we made a decision regarding the direct transition of our students studying abroad in the first thousand. All these regulations, laws and regulations are already made on the basis of honesty. But we realized that they are on the way to register there very quickly and return to Turkey with a horizontal transfer. There was a situation where we had to go through a restriction on the authority we gave to universities. We wrote to universities about the deregistration of those who came, who violate the legislation, but something like this happens: After registration, the administrative courts say, ‘It is a vested right’. Unfortunately, there is such a situation,” he said. My last word; The most sensitive point of our citizens is the future of their children. It is in the minds and hearts of each of our citizens to provide their children with a good education and to provide a good future. Otherwise, property and wealth are all lies. Steps must be taken that will not allow this future to be stolen by anyone…