Hopeful messages from Leo Dubois to Galatasaray community: I came to Galatasaray for championships

“The injury caused me to brake a bit,” said Dubois. “Right now I’m 100 percent ready and I’m thinking of helping my team.”

Regarding his playing at left-back, the French player said, “The fact that there is competition makes me happy. You need competition to be a champion. It has a positive meaning for the team. I currently play on the left side. I have played both on the right and on the left in my previous teams. “I’m ready to play in that position,” he said.

GalatasarayStating that there were great players in the .

Regarding his teammate Sacha Boey, who attracted attention with his performance this season, the 28-year-old player said, “SAcha Boey is a young, quality and important player. He can be selected for the French national team. I would like this, but I do not make this choice, you will appreciate it. I came to Galatasaray for the championship. We have the World Cup ahead of us. If I can go, I would like to represent France,” he said hopefully.

Emphasizing that he came to Galatasaray for a project, the experienced player said, “I would like to get more statistics than I have obtained before, to contribute to goals. I came to Galatasaray for a project, this project is currently ongoing. I came here to play and win championships. We’ll see what happens in the end,” he said.