He’s been searching for the source of the blood flowing from his wall for days! The video shared by TikTok user went viral

The event, which will not look like horror movies, took place in the state of California, USA. Lexy Chidester, 30, who lives in California, was surprised by the blood flowing from a source she could not understand in her home. Trying to find the source of the blood flowing from a wall in his house, Chidester shared those moments on the social media platform TikTok.

According to the news of Aksam.com.tr from the New York Post; The video shared by Lexy Chidester, 30, living in California, soon went viral on social media. “I took the video to get someone’s opinion on what to do because I couldn’t understand what was going on,” Chidester said.


Referring to the movie insanity starring Jack Nicholson, the social media user started working to understand where the blood came from. Chidester says she didn’t really care about the bloody walls at first. The next day, the woman panics when she sees the pool of blood on the counter of the bathroom cabinet doubled.

After reaching out to a specialist and plumber for help, a California woman realizes it might be a leak. Heeding their advice, Chidester says she climbs into the attic and looks for similarly colored sticky or wet areas.

The woman, who makes a great effort to find out where the blood comes from, does not like the idea of ​​cutting the wall on social media and looking inside, saying it is a last resort. Fortunately, after numerous investigations, Chidester finally discovered the source of the leak.


Chidester explained that when they went to put the cabinet back against the wall, she noticed in the corner there were more pieces of coagulated blood overlapping metal. In order to get to the bottom of the blood pool, he and his brother opened that section with the help of pliers. That’s when they discovered that this blood-like substance was seeping through the metal.

Chidester later learned through her social media followers that the so-called blood was actually liquefied “rust.”