He’s become king, but he won’t be able to wear his crown right away

Queen of England II. With Elizabeth’s death yesterday, Prince Charles automatically became King.

So what will be the process with the death of the Queen and Charles becoming King?


As a requirement of the monarchy, with the death of the leading monarch, the first heir to the throne automatically took over.

However, for this, Prince Charles first decided what he wanted to be called and chose the name King Charles III.

With Charles becoming King Charles III, the title of his son Prince William, who is now the number 1 heir to the throne, will also change. William, who will become Crown Prince, will immediately inherit the title of Duke of Cornwall, along with his father’s former title, Prince of Wales.


Queen Within 24 hours of Elizabeth’s death, the first ceremony to proclaim Charles King will take place at St James’s Palace in front of the Accession Council.

Queen II in the Council. Elizabeth’s death and the proclamation of the new monarch will be officially read. The announcement will then be signed by senior figures.


The Council will meet again, this time with the participation of the King, approximately 1 day later.

With the ceremony of the trumpeters, Charles’ King III. It will be publicly announced that he is Charles. This announcement will be made from the balcony of St James’s Palace.

The official will say “God bless the King” and for the first time since 1952 the national anthem will be sung with the words “God bless the King” rather than “God bless the Queen”.

Celebratory rifle and cannon fire will be fired in Hyde Park, the Tower of London and the royal ships, and Charles’ reign will be proclaimed throughout the United Kingdom, including Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.


After all these stages, the coronation ceremony, which is of great importance, although symbolic, will be held.

However, this process may be the longest process. Because Queen II. Elizabeth ascended the throne in February 1952, but her coronation took place in June 1953.

The coronation will be held at Westminster Church, as has been the case for 900 years, and the Archbishop of Canterbury will present King Charles with the royal crown made in 1661. According to the BBC’s report, this crown is the most important piece of the Crown jewels in the Tower of London and is worn only during the ceremony due to its weight of 2 kilograms and 230 grams.

After all this, Charles, who has been described as a Prince for a long time, King III. Charles and will turn a different page in the British Royal Family after 70 years.

* The image of the news was provided by Associated Press and Reuters.