He’s also a consultant! The name assigned by the MEB is unaware of Turkish.

He’s also a consultant! The name assigned by the MEB is unaware of Turkish.

Ali Rıza Altunel, who started his career as Baku Education Counselor, made a mockery of his statement “I was appointed” full of spelling errors.

Altunel announced his new position on Twitter. However, Altunel’s statement full of typos became a subject of reaction on social media.

Altunel, who capitalizes the initials of some of the words he uses in the sentence, also writes the conjunctions “de” and “da”, which should be written separately, adjoining. “As of yesterday, I started to work as Baku Education Consultant with the approval of our Minister” He was seen using the expressions.



Altunel responded to the reactions to his post full of spelling mistakes. However, in Altunel’s answer, I could not get rid of making similar mistakes again. “Thank you for your suggestions. You must have fallen victim to this technology. However, I want you to know that I am open to criticism and that I have adopted the virtue of admitting my mistake as a guide for myself. He was seen using the expressions.



Starting his career as an imam, Altunel later taught at imam-hatip schools. Altunel, who also served as vice president and consultant in many district municipalities, transferred to the Ministry of National Education (MEB). Altunel was promoted to the General Directorate of Lifelong Learning in the Ministry of National Education. Altunel was appointed Deputy General Director of Cultural Heritage and Museums after he was dismissed from his position there.