Here is the 27 million euros Galatasaray spent on the transfer


One of the interesting images caught on the cameras during the support visit of the Clubs Union Foundation to the Turkish Football Federation (TFF) last Tuesday. Fenerbahce President Ali Ram with Galatasaray Sportive Inc. It was the dialogue between the vice president, Erden Timur. Koç’s, “What money did you spend!” In response to his promise, Timur said, “It seems so, but we have spent the least money in recent years. transfer It was the period of time” became one of the most talked about images on social media.

When we investigate the income-expenditure situation of the yellow and red club in this transfer period, it turns out that Timur is not wrong. If the red and yellow players keep their accounts, the sales and rental fees and wage savings obtained from the sent players will cover the testimonial and rental costs of 13 new members who joined the squad. Now let’s get to the details of our news…


4 players got free

Galatasaray brought Mauro Icardi, Juan Mata, Dries Mertens and Milot Rashica without paying any testimonial or rent. For the testimonials of the other 9 new players, the total money to be drawn from the yellow and red club’s coffers is 26.5 million Euros plus 20 million TL (If we calculate all the money to be paid on a Euro basis, it corresponds to 27.5 million Euros).

Here is the 27 million euros Galatasaray spent on the transfer

The biggest financier Marcao!

During this period, the name that Galatasaray earned the most from its sales was Marcao. It is possible to say that Sambacı, who was sold to Sevilla for 15 million Euros, is the biggest financier of the club’s transfers this year. In addition to Emre Akbaba, which was sold for 500 thousand Euros, Morutan (630 thousand Euros), and Muhammed (250 thousand Euros), who were sent on loan, a total income of 1 million 380 thousand Euros was obtained.

Morutan and Mohammed went on conditional

Morutan, who was leased to Pisa, has a compulsory purchase option of 5 million 650 thousand Euros if he takes 45 minutes in 25 matches. Mohammad, who is leased to Nantes, has a purchase option of 5.7 million Euros. If these options are used for both players, Galatasaray will put a total of 11 million 350 thousand Euros of testimonial income into its vault.


1.2 million euro savings from Diagne

G. Saray also got rid of the salary burdens that he would pay to the football players he sent. The yellow and red ones, who will pay half of Diagne’s annual fee of 2.4 million Euros, will also pay 800 thousand Euros to Cicaldau, 600 thousand Euros to Luyindama, 400 thousand Euros to Ömer Bayram, and a total of 20 million TL to the Taylan-Alparslan-Emre Kılınç trio. avoided the annual payment.


Galatasaray, who won 15 million Euros from Marcao and 500 thousand Euros from Emre Akbaba, will put a total of 26 million 850 thousand Euros in their safe if they reach the 11 million 350 thousand Euros they expect from Morutan and Muhammed, and in this case testimonial and rent. Income-expenditure balance will be achieved to a large extent in terms of costs.



Galatasaray, Emre Kılınç and Taylan leased Antalyalı to Ankaragücü and Luyindama to Antalya for 1 year. Emre Akbaba went to Adana Demir with a testimonial of 500 thousand Euros. Ömer Bayram, whose contract was terminated, signed the 1st League team Eyüp for 2 years.