Here are the results of the survey that will be talked about a lot

Turkey has been very active in the last two months.

Festival bans, early election allegations, judicial decisions, especially Gülşen, and more…

While some say that the melting of the votes of the ruling party has increased due to polarization, others say that “The AK Party is recovering” made his claim.

Finding Research carried out a research that focused on this stormy period.

the head of the institution; researcher sociologist Semih Turan’s work is under the careful follow-up of many parties.

Because Bulgu’s questions always contain up-to-date and even popular content. It is important in terms of measuring the social reflex.

Let’s come to the results of the research that you will read for the first time in these lines…

The fieldwork, which started on 15 August on the basis of the voting rates of the parties, was extended after Gülşen’s arrest and ended on 31 August.

1.800 people from 26 provinces voted in this poll. Moreover, with the computer-assisted phone call method, anxiety has been avoided.

There are also İstanbul, Ankara and İzmir among 26 provinces; In Bursa, Antalya, Diyarbakir, Adana, Konya and Trabzon…


There are Malatya, Gaziantep, Niğde, Kars, Balıkesir, Van, Manisa, Kocaeli and Mardin.

Kayseri, Tekirdağ, Hatay, Zonguldak, Samsun, Aydın, Kastamonu and Erzurum provinces are also…

The scope is very broad.

Let’s start with the media where the news is followed first.

Television still has a serious impact beyond perception.

40.8 percent television,

33.2 percent social media,

18.5% internet news sites…

The remaining proportions consist of those who do not follow, those who buy newspapers and those who say a small number of radios.

Let’s move on to serious matters.

To the respondents most important problem/frustrating issue has been asked.

60 percent participants united in the inflation option.

A total of 81.6 percent of the economy seems to be an economic bloc, with 21.6 percent saying it’s a lack of livelihood.

Refugees are 6.5 percent and justice is 6 percent.

When asked about topics that make people happy, 70 percent “I am unhappy, there is nothing to make me happy” option featured. One of the important data on the mood of the society

Let’s expand on the subject a little more.

Can children and youth in Turkey look to the future with hope?

Only 13.5 percent optimistic…

“They absolutely can’t look with confidence,” say 71.5 percent.

11.4 percent say “They probably can’t look”…

The overall appeal is quite remarkable.

More striking for parties…

68.4% of voters who voted for the AK Party in 2018 say that young people cannot look to the future with confidence.

Let’s move on to the economy.

Question: How do you think the country’s economy is?

The sum of those who say very good and good is only 12.9 percent.

The total of those who prefer bad and very bad options exceeds 70 percent.

50 percent of the voters who voted for the AK Party in 2018 say “the economy is bad”.

We came to the refugees…

Findings Research asked if they were security threats.

62.9 percent of citizens say “threat”.

47.7 percent of AK Party voters are of the same opinion.

Let’s get off the agenda. Gulsen’s arrest

Citizens were asked whether they found the arrest warrant correct…

While 61 percent said “No, I didn’t find it right”, 39 percent said they found it right.

Among the voters of the ruling party, the rate of those who say “It is not right to be arrested” is 26.3 percent.


We come to the most curious part.


“How would you define your political identity?” Let’s start with the question.

30.1 percent Kemalist,

24.2 percent nationalist,

12.2 percent religious,

8.7 percent are conservative,

6.3 percent social democrats,

3.8 percent preferred secular/secular definitions.

Socialist/Communist at a rate of 3.1 percent There are those who have a choice.

Election poll time…

Next is that section.

Famous question…

“If there was an election this Sunday…”

The results of the survey conducted with participation from all regions of Turkey are as follows…

The undecideds are distributed…

AK Party 31.6%

CHP 30%

IYI Party 13.1%

HDP 10.3%

MHP 6.1%

If you code the Nation Desk as the Nation Alliance, there is a total of 46.5 percent with the Saadet, DEVA and Future parties.

The People’s Alliance is 37.7 percent.

One last note…

In questions about the YSK and election security “Insecurity” in the middle.

“Do you trust the YSK in 2023?” to the question 54 percent “No” says.

This ratio also tells a lot politically.

Below I share a few graphics that stand out from the results that I announced for the first time in the lines above.















Note: During the day, Head of Findings Research Semih Turan will explain the results and analysis of this striking survey at the News Desk.

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