Here are the moments that happened in the house of the MHP guide “that night”

Former President of Ülkü Ocakları Sinan AtesThe investigation into the murder is ongoing.

MHP Deputy at the center of the discussions about the incident Olcay Guide there is. It is a matter of curiosity how one of the murder suspects, who was caught at the address where the Guide is located, was released…

It was alleged that he was involved in the organization of the assassination, which drew great reaction from the nationalist community. Tolgahan DemirbaşI found important information about what happened during the capture of .

Thinking that Demirbaş, one of the former managers of Ülkü Ocakları Headquarters, was responsible for Ateş’s murder, the Ankara Police reached the mobile phone signal information he had made at the same time.

Following the base data of the mobile phone used by Demirbaş, Ankara Security Public Security Branch went to the designated address to catch the suspect name.

When the team headed by a police chief who was the deputy director of the Public Security Branch went to the address where Demirbaş was, they saw that MHP Mersin Deputy Olcay Guide was also in the house.

The specially assigned police team immediately reported the new situation to their superiors.

coming to them”Enter the house, get the personWhen the police team went to the house to take custody of the suspect Tolgahan Demirbaş, the MHP’s Guide opened the door.

Meanwhile, the police guards assigned by the Ankara Police Department of the Guide also wanted to intervene with the plainclothes police team led by the police chief appointed by the Ankara Police Deputy Chief of Security.

However, the team of the Public Security Branch did not allow intervention. This time, the police chief in charge faced the reaction of the MHP Guide.

The guide said that he was a deputy and that no detention could be made. In response, the chief of police, who heads the civilian team of the Public Security Branch, “We will not take you, we will take the person next to you.‘ he replied.

At this, the Guide got angry and said, “You go, let your owner come“He demanded that a prosecutor’s instruction be brought along with insulting words.

After the meeting of the team, the police team took Demirbaş into custody and brought him to Ankara Police Department following the prosecutor’s office’s instruction.

Things got messy while the proceedings were going on.

Because of these developments, Ankara Police Chief Servet YilmazDidn’t know yet. Demirbaş was released “eight hours after he was taken into custody” after the process that started due to this development, which was experienced with the heat of the incident, and which was thought to be the result of political pressure.

Demirbaş was released through the prosecutor’s office. And again, a critical action was taken:

The file, which would be the basis for the detention process carried out by the police upon the verbal instruction of the investigation prosecutor, within the scope of “delayed situation” was empty!

In other words, the fact that the reason for Demirbaş’s detention was not included in the document, paved the way for the suspect Demirbaş to be released.

Thus, Demirbaş walked out of the police station, where he was taken handcuffed, waving his arms.

We’ll see if he’ll be caught again or if any action will be taken against him.

The results of that night

This is the information I got about the night of the incident.

Now let’s come to the evaluation and results of what happened that night:

  1. According to the information I received; In fact, the address where Guide and Demirbaş are together is not the house where Guide lives with his family. An address that is used by other people from time to time. Therefore, there was no legal problem for the police to enter, even though the deputy Guide was inside.
  2. Whereas; According to the current law, in case of delay or in case of red-handedness, the police may take custody, provided that they receive a written instruction from the prosecutor one after the other.
  3. In this case, the police had the opportunity to detain MHP Deputy Guide, as well as Demirbaş. However, the Minister of Interior, in particular, Suleyman Soylu and Ankara Police Chief Servet YilmazIt is commented that their close relations with . As a result, the investigation was interrupted with the release of Demirbaş, whose name was claimed in the assassination and who had served as the manager of the Ülkü Ocakları for a while.
  4. It is unclear whether there is any action regarding the MHP Guide, whether action is taken against him for allegedly hiding the suspect.
  1. The fact that the document about Demirbaş was sent to the prosecutor’s office as “empty” naturally brought to mind the “escape of Adil Öksüz”. Let’s remember, the reason for the release of Öksüz, the key figure of July 15, was that the file about him was empty! The political crisis created by the detention of the murder suspect from the house that Lider used was solved with cunning.
  2. It should also be noted that, with the strength stemming from her trusting relationships, the Guide responded with harsh words to the policemen who came to the house.
  3. It should not be forgotten that the MHP’s Guide, whose name came to the fore in the murder of Sinan Ateş, visited the Minister of Interior Soylu in his office four days before the incident and published the photo about the visit on his social media account.

Claims of different approaches in the investigation

It is important to know that after the Çukurambar murder, different approaches emerged, especially in the investigation process carried out by the Ankara Police.

Yes, in the security bureaucracy, with the formation of Minister Soylu, police chiefs who stand close to the MHP at key points are on duty. Of course, there are those who are not close to the MHP among the senior police chiefs who are still on duty. However, these names are close to both Minister Soylu and some of the names who helped Soylu to shape the police force.

This close stance has become a necessity.

Based on the picture that emerged, President Erdogan’s “We can delay the election early.The country’s entry into the election atmosphere with the ” statement, especially the fact that the election results cannot be predicted in favor of the current government, reveals that some police officers involved in the investigation of Ateş’s murder did not act in the direction expected by politics.

These names are those who do their job with honor. I know their names. Let me tell you in advance that the negativities that may happen to these names in the coming period will be the subject of Magnifier.

Claim of instruction “Let KOM look into the investigation”

There is one more claim related to the investigation.

Allegedly; The investigation of Sinan Ateş’s murder was first ordered by the Ankara Police Department of Combating Smuggling and Organized Crime (KOM). Ankara Police Chief Servet Yılmaz gave the order.

The reason for the investigation to be given to the KOM Branch is that the Ankara Deputy Chief of Police in charge of the branch Alpine Lion be!

Police chief Alp Aslan is a familiar name to the readers of Magnifier. The defendant in the case concerning the desertion of Adil Öksüz. He was acquitted and came to his present position. One of the leading names of Ankara’s underground world Sahin TurgutHe was involved in the heavy beating of ‘ by the police.

Aslan describes himself to his close circle as “a nationalist”. Both because he is the right hand of Ankara Police Chief Yılmaz and because of his nationalist identity, he gives the impression of being close to the MHP Headquarters.

However, – perhaps after one event after another – the investigation file remained with the Public Security Branch for the time being.

After the prosecutor’s office receives the file completely from the police and prepares the indictment, it will be seen more clearly how the process works and whether there are foreign interventions.

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