Heating will not be burned in public offices and schools in Iran

Iran, which is among the countries with the most natural gas reserves in the world, will spend this winter cold due to technical inadequacies.

The energy crisis, which started with the Russia-Ukraine war, negatively affected the West.

Due to the sanctions, Russia had cut off the natural gas flow to European countries.

Iran has been added to the countries with cold winters.

However, the situation in Iran is not due to the energy crisis, but technical inadequacies.

In the capital Tehran, the governorship warned public employees.

“The heaters will not burn, dress warmly”

In the statement made, it was stated that the heaters in the building would not be burned, and the employees were asked to wear thick clothes.

In addition, government offices, schools and universities in 5 provinces of Iran were closed due to the problem in natural gas supply.

The country with the second largest gas reserves in the world

On the other hand, according to the 2021 report of the US Energy Information Administration (EIA); While Russia has the largest proven natural gas reserves in the world with 47 trillion cubic meters, Iran is the second country with 34 trillion cubic meters.

Iran, which holds 17 percent of the world’s proven natural gas reserves, needs investments to develop large gas fields.

However, the unilateral sanctions of the USA prevent European companies from making any commercial agreements with this country.