Hearing the prices of sunflower oil is running! This market has halved the prices, limited stocks on the shelves

Record discount in sunflower oil prices. Prices in this market have dropped by half. However, the products are limited in stock. It gets grown in this campaign.

Due to the increases in sunflower oil prices, it is among the most researched topics by the citizens. The large price reductions made by some markets are closely followed by consumers. Again, news of a discount for sunflower oil prices came from a market. You have to be quick to take advantage of the sunflower oil discount, which is limited to stocks. The sunflower oil discount will start tomorrow. Do not miss the discounts that will last until October 6th.

Hearing the prices of sunflower oil is running! This market has halved the prices, it is limited to stocks on the shelves. Who makes a huge discount on the market sunflower oil prices. 4 liters of sunflower oil drops to almost half the price. The campaign will start tomorrow morning and will continue until 6 October. KİM Market oil prices are among the most researched topics after the news of the discount. So, how much are the oil prices of KİM Market? All the details of the campaign, which will start tomorrow morning at KİM market branches in Istanbul, Izmir, Tekirdag and Izmit, are in our news.


KİM market oil discount starts tomorrow. Although there are a limited number of branches of the market chain, which always attracts attention with its affordable prices, its products are scrambling. This week, big sunflower oil discounts started at KİM market branches. The price of Komili brand 4 L sunflower oil in the Kim market decreased from 169.99 TL to 139.99 TL. This is not only. Discount campaigns on many more products, valid until October 7, are waiting for you at KİM market branches.


KİM market discount price list details have also been announced. Other products that will be on sale this week are as follows;

Chicken thigh kg 29.99 TL

Single milk toast cheese 600 gr. 59.99 TL

Silk tomato paste 650 gr. 29.99 TL

Kim Osmancik rice 2500 gr. 59.99 TL

Lipton Yellowlabel 50 pcs glasses 100 gr 49.99 TL

Fibish tablet max 58 pcs 169.99 TL

Drop of 12 paper towels 49.99 TL

ABC matic 6 kg powder detergent 69.99 TL

Sek Single milk fat 1 L 14.99 TL

Sütaş yogurt 1750 gr. 38.99 TL

Sütaş cottage cheese 500 gr. 33.99 TL

Enver Ağa L egg special price

Dardanel economic tuna 4×75 gr. 44.99 TL

Superfresh puff pastry 1000 gr 39.99 TL

Pınar hungry and finish 17.49 TL

Pınar open and finish turkey with salami 17.49 TL