Hearing Agricultural Credit Sunflower Oil Discount, He Ran to the Market!

Agricultural Credit Market started to make discounts on basic food products as of 15 August to fight inflation. Agricultural Credit Market, which makes citizens smile with new opportunities every week, will once again please its customers with sunflower oil discounts.

Agricultural Credit Market Price List

According to the list published by Tarım Kredi Market, 5 liters of TMO sunflower oil will be sold for 135 TL between 1-15 October. Limited stocks, the campaign attracted great attention from customers. In addition to the sunflower oil discount, Tarım Kredi Market announced that it will also offer discounts on products such as tea, sugar, fruit, honey, milk, flour, lentils, rice and snacks. Accordingly, the prices of the products to be sold in Tarım Kredi Market branches between 1-15 October are as follows:

Ankara Pear Kg: 9.90 TL
Apple Golden – Starking Kg: 9.90 TL
AOÇ Ankara Strained Flower Honey 850 grams: 69.90 TL
TK Fermented Beef Kangal Sucuk: 139,90 TL
TK Beef Cocktail Sausage 200 grams: 18.25 TL
ESK Body Chicken Kg: 31 TL
ESK Chicken Wrap Kg: 42.25 TL
Torku Cottage Cheese: 48.90 TL
Tarsüt Low Fat White Cheese: 25.90 TL
Torku Fat Milk 1 Liter: 14.50 TL
Torku Semi-Skimmed Milk 1 Liter: 13.50 TL
TMO Sunflower Oil 5 Liters: 135 TL
TK Anadolu Flour 1 Kg: 9.90 TL
TKK Flour 1000 grams: 9.90 TL
TMO Red Lentils 1 Kg: 18.50 TL
Isil Salt 750 grams: 2.75 TL
TKK Frozen Packed Ravioli 400 grams: 17.90 TL
TK Tiryaki Black Tea 1000 grams: 59.90 TL
TMO Rice 2 Kg: 27.50 TL
TK Powdered Sugar 2 Kg: 34 TL
Nescafe 2 in 1 10 x 10 grams: 15.90 TL
Nescafe 3 in 1 10 x 17.5 grams: 15.90 TL
Uludag Legend Orange 2.5 Liter: 16.90 TL
Dimes Fruit Juice Types 1 Liter: 15.40 TL
Torku Whole Wheat Biscuits 3 x 131 grams: 13.95 TL
Torku Creamy Biscuit Assortment 3 x 66 grams: 10.95 TL
Eti Karam 60 grams: 8.95 TL
Eti Chocolate Milk 65 grams: 8.95 TL
TKK Anatolian Hazelnut Cream 500 grams: 23.90 TL