He went with a complaint of abdominal pain: Here’s what came out of his stomach

In the incident that took place in the Muzaffarnagar region in northern India, the man who applied to the hospital with the complaint of unbearable stomach pain was taken for treatment. Doctors who wanted to determine the cause of the 32-year-old man’s pain, who could not eat and drink, performed X-rays and CT scans.

Doctors, who suspected a tumor in the first place, determined that there was an intense foreign substance in the man’s stomach as a result of the scans. According to NTV, the doctor who performed the surgery, which took more than two hours, “During the operation, we noticed that the foreign bodies were steel spoons. We were shocked when so many spoons came out. There were exactly 63 of them. It was one of the rare medical cases I’ve seen in my 35 years of professional life.i” he said.

Dr. Rakesh Khurana, stated that the man broke the head of the spoons and swallowed only the handles. The patient, who was kept in the intensive care unit for recovery, said that he started to eat metal objects about six months ago.

What is Pica Syndrome?

Doctors believe the patient may have a habit of repeatedly and persistently eating non-food items known as Pica Syndrome.

The habit of eating objects such as soil, clay, chalk, coal is called pica syndrome in medicine. Although the name is not known among the public, people tend to eat these substances due to reasons such as iron, zinc and calcium deficiency. However, according to experts, this situation does not eliminate the deficiency of any mineral and can cause problems such as constipation, intestinal parasites and mercury poisoning.