He was struck by lightning while playing PlayStation at his home

Aidan Rowan, sitting at home in the UK playing video games, has returned from the dead. Rowan, 33, said that he played the famous game Stray in the living room on the evening of September 5th.

See the article in Independent Turkishto; In Stray, players experience the post-apocalyptic world from a cat’s perspective.

Rowan stated that while he was spending his time with PlayStation, there was thunder outside.


The unfortunate person, who said that he suddenly heard a loud crack, said:

“I felt a heavy feeling all over me. After that, I felt a burning heat on my right arm, where the burns are now.”


Rowan noted that she regained consciousness after about a minute and called her husband Aaron:

“He asked what the smell was. I was the one who got burned. He called his family to take me to the hospital. He said he could see my arm was swelling.”

After going to the hospital, Aaron told his wife about the possibility of being struck by lightning. Rowan described those moments as follows:

“I was hurriedly taken to the evaluation room. They said it looked like a lightning strike. 9 doctors from different departments came to look at me.”

Stating that his heart was followed and blood tests were done, Rowan stated that he was discharged a few hours later. Doctors think lightning bounced off the water and out the window. Rowan added that his friends were worried for the first few days, but then they started joking about Thor.


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