He was arrested when he dedicated his Umrah visit to the Queen!

Creation Date: September 14, 2022 09:35

A man in Saudi Arabia was arrested after he dedicated his Umrah visit to the Queen and shared it on social media.


Saudi Arabia‘in Umrah A man who said he dedicated his worship to the spirit of Queen Elizabeth was arrested.

The person, who was recorded as a Yemeni citizen, shared this commemoration on social media.

After the reaction, this person was caught and arrested.

“The security guards of the mosque arrested a Yemeni citizen who violated the rules and order of Umrah by holding a banner inside the Great Mosque,” the Saudi Arabian authorities said in a statement on Twitter.

This statement confirmed that this person, who has a residence permit in Saudi Arabia, was brought to justice.

The video of the arrested person wearing Ihram clothes was shared by many social media users.

On the banner seen in the hand of this person in the video “Queen Elizabeth IIUmrah for the soul of Allah, we ask Allah to accept him into Paradise.”



Users, who shared a lot of angry messages on social media platforms, shared a lot of tweets by sharing the hashtag Arrest_Theimmoral (Arrest the Immoral) in a short time.

Sheikh Abdul Rahman bin Abdulaziz Al Sudais, responsible for the Great Mosque and the Prophet’s Mosque, said in a statement on the subject that “Holy mosques are only places to worship Allah, and carrying slogans or banners means violating rules and instructions.”

Al Sudais stated that “These mosques are sacred and should be treated accordingly,” and argued that worship should be done without shouting slogans, “without any expression other than true Islamic behavior”.


Some social media users, on the other hand, argued that the issue should not be handled in this way, although they “think that the arrested person has made a very wrong move”. These users stated that the issue should be handled within the scope of freedom of expression; He shared messages that this person should not be arrested.

Some users also argued that this person would already be held religiously responsible for their actions, but this was a personal choice; He wrote that the penalty for this should not be arrest.



Some users, on the other hand, argue that it is “very justified” for this Yemeni citizen to dedicate Umrah to the Queen.

They attribute this to an unsubstantiated ‘research’ that claims the origins of the British royal family can be traced back to the family of the Prophet Muhammad, although some have spread.

Others argue that the Yemeni detainee was “the victim of a fatwa from Egypt’s Grand Mufti, Ali Gomaa, and false reports claiming that the Queen had died as a Muslim.”

A few years ago, Sheikh Ali Gomaa claimed that the origins of the British Royal family were traced back to the Prophet Muhammad. Claims of such a study also spread after that.


Experts speaking to the BBC at the time said that “this has not been verified; independent and verified documents should be used to reveal the evidence”.