He took the pregnant woman by cesarean section, saw that the baby was small, sewed her belly up and sent her back.

Creation Date: September 03, 2022 09:59

The woman, who had a cesarean section 3 months before the expected delivery date in India and was sent home after the baby was realized to be small, is fighting for her life in the hospital where she was taken. While the scandal caused reactions across the country, the local people gathered in front of the hospital to protest the doctor who made the mistake.


Land of extraordinary events India It was once again brought to the world agenda with an interesting event. A pregnant woman living in the Indian state of Assam and suffering from severe pain was taken to the Karimganj Hospital for a cesarean section. However, what happened in the delivery room turned into a nightmare and caused reactions across the country.


expected birth Although the date is December, the woman who was given birth on August 22 is now fighting for her life in the hospital where she was taken.

The mother, whose expected date of birth was 9 December, was given birth on 22 August.

He cut his belly, saw that the baby was small, he sewed back


Senior doctor AK Biswas, who operated the patient 3 months early, cesarean section He cut the woman’s abdomen to give birth, but realized that it was too early for delivery and that the baby was premature.

After realizing his mistake, the doctor who scrambled the woman’s stomach again, kept her in the hospital for a few days, then sent her home to recover.


The woman, who was sent home, deteriorated within a few days and was rushed to the emergency hospital when she started bleeding.

Upon hearing of the incident, the local people stood up and gathered in front of the hospital to protest the scandalous event. Sources inside the hospital claimed that with the start of the protests, doctor Biswas locked himself in a room.


The doctor, who appeared before the protesters an hour later, claimed that the patient’s family insisted on premature birth, but did not explain why.

The doctor said that he was aware that the woman was 3 months from her due date. “I knew the expected date was in December, but we do early surgeries in complex cases. The woman’s pain was severe and her family members asked me to operate. During the cesarean section, I realized that the fetus was immature and I planted it again.” said.



The hospital formed a 7-person team to investigate the scandalous incident. It has been learned that hospital staff, the woman and the woman’s family will be questioned in the coming days.

The head physician of the hospital, Dr Lipi Deb Sinha, said in a statement on the subject, “If the allegations are proven, we will take the necessary action. We are also concerned about the health of the mother and her child.” said.

Local media wrote that the doctor who made the mistake promised to pay for the treatment.


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