He took the helm of the company that they called shut down and reached a turnover of 5 billion TL.

Outsourcing, which has been one of the most talked-about sectors for nearly 20 years, has even been blamed for the lack of young workforce to work in agriculture. such that “Young people prefer to be security guards in shopping centers in the city rather than working in their own fields in the village” We heard the word a lot. The number of people working as security guards in Turkey reaches 220 thousand. When cleaning and ready meals are included, the employment figure in these services is much higher. So, is it that simple? In this regard, the industry ‘local and national’ from companies Levent Güler, Chairman of Tepe Defense and Security We chatted with. He is considered an authority as he has been a top manager since 2003 in one of the oldest companies in the industry. METU Civil Engineering graduate and He started working at Tepe İnşaat as a field engineer in 1989. In 2003, he became the head of the Bilkent Group’s Tepe Defense and Security company, which was established in 1993 to serve its own companies, especially Atatürk Airport, and became a joint stock company in 1997.

Levent Guler, He says: “I ‘Go see if we should liquidate this company or continue’ they said. I examined the situation and decided to continue. Shortly after, when the law on the sector was enacted, our decision to continue became stronger and we grew. Currently, we continue to employ 13 thousand people in security, 5 thousand in food and 7 thousand 500 in cleaning. Our turnover has reached 5 billion liras. We have nearly 600 customers we serve. 65% of Bilkent Holding’s turnover comes from here. We rank second in security and service (cleaning) and third in catering (food) in the industry. Profit in this industry is low but guaranteed. Also, it is a ‘strategic’ sector in my opinion. For this reason, our foreign competitors, each of which is a world giant, made huge investments and acquisitions.”

How strategic is security, food, cleaning?

Levent Guler‘to, ‘Do you provide services abroad’ the conversation becomes interesting when you ask; “I wanted to open a shop abroad (get a job), but it was not possible. It was blocked by unwritten rules. That’s when I realized that the industry is very strategic. Think about it, you are in Germany, France or another country and your employees protect the most critical institutions, factories and mines of that country with ‘arms’, your company inspects and authorizes those who enter and leave. The food and hygiene conditions of the employees there depend entirely on your company. What happens if the entrance cards are canceled in a very important defense industry company at the most critical moment? As a service sector, we provide services not only in shopping centers, but also in factories, banks and even mines.”

Every day we start the job with 760 staff missing

Levent Guler I’m taking the conversation with him out of the ‘strategic’ area without getting too deep and I ask, “Why is it so criticized that young people work in your sector?” Response “Our jobs are job training for life and I think this aspect is very important for young people. It can be considered as temporary work, but it is the same in the whole world. is happening. Levent Guler, “Every morning, we start work in our own companies with about 760 people missing. We have not been able to fill this personnel gap for a long time, so the problem of job liking also applies to us. Moreover, we have to employ doctors and engineers with very high wages. We have a very serious labor shortage in the sector, we live with a deficit of at least 3 percent.” says.

Erdogan said at the ITO, ‘Continue with Avdagic’, will the opposition’s strategy change now?

President Recep Tayyip Erdoganannounced its preference for the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce (ITO) Presidential race in the elections that will start on November 9th. Participating in the award ceremony of ITO held the previous day Erdoganin his speech here “I am a witness to the efforts and sacrifices made by our Chamber President, Şekib Avdagiç. I believe that we will continue to carry on these efforts with Şekib Bey in the upcoming period as well. We expect the greatest support in our efforts to build a great and powerful Turkey, again from Istanbul and of course from our Istanbul Chamber of Commerce.” Backstage, another important name Murat Kalsin’It is said that his candidacy may gain a different quality. President Erdogan and ITO President, the name supported by conservative business people Sekib Avdagiç’of the names working for the 6-table (Nation Alliance) in order to form a block against Murat Kalsin It is said that the possibility of seeking alliances with That’s exactly why Avdagic It is said that he can receive offers from the Murat Kalsin’Of course, there is a high probability that Turkey will not agree with both fronts.