He said ‘I won’t ask you who I’m going to fall in love with’… He celebrated his ex’s birthday with these words: Happy birthday legend!

It’s been three years… Like every love in show business, their love has come to an end. They announced that they broke up five months ago. But obviously, their friendly feelings for each other still hadn’t ended. Both respected each other. Which, after the separation statement, they did not say a word against it. Here is a very interesting story from this couple who parted ways of the world of celebrities. news it has come now. His ex-girlfriend, who is 21 years older than him, celebrated the young star’s new age by saying “Happy Birthday, Legend”.

This couple, who are not many in the show world, that is, separated without a fight, is 47-year-old Zach Braff and Florence Pugh, who turned 27 at the beginning of this month. Braff celebrated Pugh’s birthday, who turned 27 on January 3, with a post on his Instagram page. He shared a photo of Florence taken near that famous Hollywood sign. “Happy birthday legend,” she wrote next to it.

He said he wouldn't ask you who I would fall in love with... He celebrated his ex's birthday with these words: Happy birthday legend

Braff celebrated his ex-girlfriend’s birthday with a ‘Happy birthday legend’ message.

Braff’s ex-girlfriend Florence Pugh also shared this post on her own account, accompanied by a white heart emoji. Along with this message from his ex-girlfriend Zach Braff, Pugh also shared the congratulatory messages of other famous friends, including Harris Reed, Millie Bobby Brown.

He said he wouldn't ask you who I would fall in love with... He celebrated his ex's birthday with these words: Happy birthday legend

Florence Pugh and Zach Braff announced that they ended their three-year relationship five months ago. But despite this, they continue to support each other both in life and professionally.

Young actress Florence Pugh, in an interview she gave to Harper’s Bazaar in August about her separation from Zach Braff, said, “We were trying to achieve this separation without the whole world hearing it. Because it was a relationship that everyone had an opinion on. We just want millions of people to be happy with our separation. “We didn’t want to. And we succeeded in that,” he said.

In that interview, Florence Pugh spoke about her relationship with Zach Braff, the media attention, and how brutal the paparazzi are. “Every time I feel that special lines in my life have been crossed, whenever I see untrue news spread, I think it’s very wrong. I don’t think it’s justified for people (he means the paparazzi) to watch and write about every aspect of their lives by celebrities just because that’s their job,” he said.

He said he wouldn't ask you who I would fall in love with... He celebrated his ex's birthday with these words: Happy birthday legend

With Florence Pugh, who left five months ago Zach Braff‘s love has been under a great social media and press attention from the first day. The 21-year age difference between the two comes first among these related fueling reasons. But Pugh responded to all these criticisms on his social media account in 2020.

Nominated for an Oscar in 2020 for her role in Little Women Florence PughHe was talked about a lot with his response to those who directed the arrows of criticism to his love. Pugh celebrated the birthday of his girlfriend at that time, Braff, on his social media account. After that, the criticisms emphasizing this age difference began to be directed towards the duo. Pugh also couldn’t resist and responded via a video.

“I don’t need you to tell me who I like and who I don’t,” said the young actress. Pough said that he had thought a lot about whether or not to shoot this video for the past few days, and he finally made up his mind. The young actress finished her video by wishing her fans health and safety.