He said “enough is enough”, he won the election

Republicans in the United States vehemently opposed the $45 billion military and nearly $45 billion civilian aid to Ukraine during the Russia-Ukraine War that began on February 24.

Having a majority in both the Senate and the House of Representatives, the Democrats got the result they wanted in the Congressional votes and gave Ukraine a total of more than 90 billion dollars in financial aid.

According to the news of OdaTV, the Republicans in the midterm elections in November, “The money will stay in the USA, not go to Ukraine” He ran an election campaign with the slogan.

Unable to obtain a majority in the Senate again, the Republicans won the majority in the House of Representatives and gained great leverage in the votes to be held in Congress.

Decisions on national security in the United States must pass both the Senate and the House of Representatives, that is, Congress.

However, the Republicans were unable to elect their Speaker of the House for a full 14 rounds of voting.

Finally, on Saturday, at the end of the 15th round, Kevin McCarthy became the Republican Speaker of the House.

British Daily Telegraph newspaper, Kevin McCarthy’s own party “against aid to Ukraine” meeting with the clique and “Cuting aid to Ukraine, voting against new aid packages” He said he had promised.

Defending arms aid to Ukraine against Russia, Kevin McCarthy consolidated the Republican wing with this promise and was elected as the speaker of the parliament.

American experts on the Republicans’ next aid package “no” He suggested that he would vote and that it would be “harder” for President Joe Biden to provide more aid to Ukraine.