He pulled his money from the bank at gunpoint, he’s hiding in Bekaa

Sally told Reuters, “We live in a mafia country. If you’re not a wolf, wolves will eat you.” said.

Based in Sally, Lebanon BLOM Bank‘s Beirut branch last week, demanding $13,000 from his account, which was forcibly frozen by the bank. This action made him a folk hero in a country where millions of people share the same problems.

Last week, there were seven similar cases across Lebanon. Banks also closed their doors due to security concerns and requested bailouts from the government. Government officials condemned the robberies and announced that they were developing security plans for the banks.

Sally told Reuters, “Maybe because I was the first woman to do so in a male-dominated society where women’s voices were not heard, they saw me as a hero,” she said, adding, “I had no intention of harming anyone…”

If Sally is for banks, “All they do is steal from us, slowly leaving us to starve and die” said.

Sally received $13,000 out of a total of $20,000 needed for her sister’s travel expenses and nearly a month’s treatment, and she was able to get a receipt signed to avoid being charged with theft.

Two of Sally’s close friends were detained after the incident on charges of threatening and detaining bank employees against their will. These detainees were released on bail on Wednesday.

Sally, who is currently hiding in Bekaa, told Reuters after taking a deep puff of her cigarette, “For things to get better, they have to get worse” said and continued:

“When the government can do nothing for you and give no hope for the future, you live by the laws of the jungle…”


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