He knew about the coronavirus… Flash warning from Bill Gates! Here is the new danger waiting for the world

Creation Date: January 24, 2023 10:52

Bill Gates, who announced years ago that we could face a coronavirus-like pandemic and was right, announced the new danger waiting for the world.

He justified Gates, who stated that we were not prepared for an epidemic similar to Kovid-19 in 2015 and warned.

The Coronavirus (Kovid-19), which entered our lives in the last days of 2019, caused a global pandemic in a short time and cost millions of lives.

Gates, who is known for his support for vaccines, which is described as the greatest weapon against the coronavirus, made a lot of speeches.

With over 1 million deaths in the Corona epidemic, the USA is the country with the highest number of deaths, followed by Brazil and India.

Speaking at a conference in Sydney, Gates appealed to world leaders.

According to the news in the British Daily Mail, Gates stated that the next pandemic will be man-made and may be much more brutal than the coronavirus.

Underlining that world leaders should set aside differences and start preparations now, Gates called for more global cooperation.


Gates said that if the scenario in question materializes, the economic cost of this to the world is 10 trillion. dollar emphasized that it will.

Billionaire businessman stated that in order to be prepared for this situation, which is known as a nightmare scenario, a drill should be held at both the national and regional level every five years.


Having repeatedly stated that Kovid-19 may not be the last pandemic, Gates made a remarkable decision to prevent a new epidemic.

Stating that a new pandemic can be prevented if the necessary steps are taken, Gates announced that he will invest 1 billion dollars a year in a response team, which he calls the GERM team, created for the response and mobilization against the global epidemic.

In addition to this investment, Gates’ plan also includes providing more support to R&D for diagnostics and healthcare systems around the world.


Underlining that GERM will have a 3,000-person response team whose sole priority is to prevent the pandemic, Gates states that GERM teams will consist of a range of experts with communication and diplomacy skills, from epidemiologists and data scientists to logistics experts.

He knew about the coronavirus... Flash warning from Bill Gates Here is the new danger waiting for the world

world Coronavirus, which has infected more than 650 million people across the world, has cost the lives of more than 6.5 million people.

Gates summarizes the main goal of GERM, which is launched as a global health army, as ‘The task is to stop epidemics before they become pandemics’.

Because Gates is of the opinion that if we could stop the spread of Kovid-19 in the first 100 days, more than 98 percent of those who died due to the virus would be alive today.


Conspiracy theorists targeted Gates during the Covid-19 pandemic and claimed that microchips developed by Gates’ companies were implanted into humans through vaccines, despite the lack of evidence.

Speaking about conspiracy theories and opposition to vaccines, Gates used the following statements;

‘The Gates Foundation is very interested in vaccines, the invention of new vaccines, and funding vaccines. We are proud to have saved tens of millions of lives through these efforts.’

When asked how he felt about the protests, Gates said it was ‘a bit odd’.