He disguised as a joker and made threats: His sentence is clear

Jeremy Garnier, who lives in the University City area of ​​Missouri, USA, attracted attention by opening a live broadcast in March 2020 and threatening to bomb and kill people. His disguise as the Joker, the famous villain of the Batman series, brought him to the world agenda.

According to the news in Independent Turkish; The sentence of Garnier, who admitted to committing the crime of threat of terrorist attack, was announced on Friday.

After being taken into custody, 51-year-old Garnier was sentenced to 60 days in prison, considering the months he spent in detention.


The local newspaper St. Speaking to the Louis Post-Dispatch by phone on Saturday, the convict said it was not his intention to threaten anyone:

“I was talking like a joker, I was in character. Everyone knew it was a joke. I had no intention of continuing with the threat.”


Arguing that he accepted the charge for less punishment, Garnier emphasized that he had learned his lesson:

“Think before you act. Your actions have consequences. No matter how silly and joking I am, others have taken it seriously.”

Garnier stated that he spent more than 20 years in prison for crimes such as robbing a credit cooperative in the 1980s. Explaining that he had taken such actions because of drug addiction at that time and that he was now free from drugs, he underlined that he wanted to raise awareness on this issue.

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