He cleared the necessities one by one! F-16 confession from Russian expert…

US Assistant Secretary of Defense Colin Kalsche also refused to answer journalists’ questions in August whether F-16 aircraft could be delivered to Ukraine. Experts said that although they did not speak openly about the delivery of the F-16, it was possible. Speaking to Russian media Channel 24, Russian Defense Express Expert Ivan Kirichevsky talked about the prospects about the F-16 warplanes that the USA will deliver to Ukraine.


Russian Defense Express Specialist Ivan Kirichevsky told Russian media Channel 24 the facts about the F-16 warplanes that the USA will deliver to Ukraine. In addition, Kirichevsky said that all the puns from the Pentagon about “agreeing to negotiate” did not affect the course of deliveries to Ukraine. On the other hand, Kirichevsky noted that there are many special opportunities for the delivery of the same F-16s.

Regarding F-16 deliveries to other countries, Russian Defense Express Specialist Ivan Kirichevsky said, “For example, the Americans have an incomplete contract for the supply of these aircraft to Bulgaria and Slovakia, because it was supposed to start in early 2022, but finally at least a year later. will be needed.” said.


Kirichevsky recalled that in the spring it was said that Poland would hand over MiG-29 aircraft to Ukraine and replace it with F-16s. Claiming that the USA did not accept this, the expert said, “The reason was that the Americans did not have new solid type aircraft.” said.

In another claim of Kirichevsky, he made a statement that one should not exclude the speech that the Americans postponed their production chains in order to hide a more important process that should have a positive outcome for Ukraine.


Pointing to the year 2022, the expert said, “But the claim that we do not have the infrastructure to serve the F-16, so we cannot buy these planes, also plays into the disinformation of the foreigners. As a result, in 2011, the F-16s were successfully delivered to Mirgorod. The Americans and the Ukrainian Air Force had joint exercises, when they landed. They didn’t talk about “backward infrastructure” at that time, and what can we say about 2022.” annexed residence.

Noting that the United States Deputy Secretary of Defense made an interesting comment, Kirichevsky gave a clue to better understand when Slovakia will hand over the MiG-29 to Ukraine. On the other hand, the defense express expert emphasized that Ukraine should focus on the option to procure F-15 and F-16 aircraft.

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