He blamed his ship, his lineage, his club

Minister Soylu, who moved to the Dargeit district within the scope of the contacts in Mardin, visited the tradesmen on Midyat Street, met with the citizens, listened to their problems and demands, and took care of the children.

Soylu, who participated in the “Dargeit Youth Meeting” held in Freedom Park by the AK Party Dargeit and the Ministry of Youth Arms, chatted with the youth before the program and took a souvenir photo.

Soylu, in his speech here, said that he was happy to see this beautiful painting, which has the future, love, excitement, brotherhood and sincerity in it, and being a part of this painting.


Conveying the greetings of President Recep Tayyip Erdoan to the youth, Soylu pointed out the problems that the citizens, youth, parents, living in this region, were on the ship.

Süleyman Soylu said, “Some of them lost their children, some of their future, some of them, the relationship between their ship and their future, some of their school, teacher, job, doctor, hospital, a winner in the shop. Unfortunately, we have come from such a time period. I am telling you, young people, be proud of your Muslim, your Kurdish, your language, Be proud to be in your country’s homeland.” he residence.

Reminding that they had visited the village of Merli before they came to Dargeit, Soylu talked about his vision with children and youth who met with sports at Summer Sports Schools.

“The state ensures that people live with their own beliefs and values. If a state has the opportunity, it builds the football field, builds schools, clears streets and streets, ensures security, builds hospitals, airports, Marmaray, Eurasia Tunnel, Osmangazi and Anakkale Bridge, Ilsu Dam, Using the phrase “It builds universities in 81 provinces, if possible, it produces HA’s, SHA’s, helicopters, and its own car”, Soylu stated that President Erdoan has brought about a revolution in this country since the beginning of the 21st century.

Referring to the revolutionary services carried out in the country, Soylu noted that President Erdoan has shown an effort and work for 20 years to transform and change Turkey, which was put to a halt, to increase Turkey’s power, and to remove the obstacles in front of the youth.


Stating that a sports field was built and continues to be built in almost every rural neighborhood, Soylu stated that such a painting could not be seen in Merli, Birkleyn Maaras, Cudi, Beytebap or Tunceli 5-6 years ago.

Forward Minister Soylu maintained his words as follows:

“Blessed be Allah, you have made such a decision. You said, ‘Now we will push back terrorism, poverty, with the back of our hands to the poor, we will take a step together with a strong and great Turkey. We are brothers. Maybe we didn’t have the means that day, but today everything has to be done. Universities in 81 provinces, the road to the hamlets, the road to almost many places is trying to deliver natural gas. Everything is trying to be brought in. Everything is trying to be brought in. For the first time in many years, power stopped in Merli, on the contrary, it will start in Dargeit. In Hakkari, 2016 The number of students who won the medical faculty in the year is zero. 5 in 2020, 19 in 2021, 26 in 2022. What has changed between these years? as clear as it gets. Everyone has their heads turned into their own business.”


Stating that the country’s genes cannot do it when given the opportunity, Soylu emphasized that whatever is in the west of the country today is also in the east, maybe there is more.

Pointing out that Turkey is also responsible for the geography around it, Soylu shared the following views:

“We don’t turn our backs on Iraq, Iran, or Syria. We don’t turn our backs on either the Middle East, the Balkans or Afghanistan, because this is the land of all of them. For one of your brothers, Turkey’s Forward Minister I say that as Tayyip Erdoan’s companion, I hope you will see it even if we do not see it. Anatolian geography, these lands from Diyarbakr to Istanbul will bring peace and tranquility to Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. We are the grandchildren of our ancestors who provided it throughout the year. Do not pay attention to what the Minister of İzmir Municipality has said. They are in ignorance on this matter. Of course, it is not possible for anyone to accept the understanding that flooded our ship with the Ottomans with betrayal, it is not right. It is to insult his ship, his lineage, his family. Of course, this is a reprehensible incident and we condemn it. The grave has its owner, it’s that simple.”


Emphasizing that now everyone in the country can express their faith, identity and ethnic origin comfortably, Soylu said that everyone has the ability to be together in their own understanding.

Stating that Turkey was pushed back on the ship with blows, Soylu noted:

“We are managing this country like honey. Today, when there is a problem in the grain corridor, when there is a problem in the war between Ukraine and Russia, no one considers America a man, but asks Tayyip Erdoan, ‘Can you solve this problem?’ “So we can handle it and we can overcome it. This freedom brought Tayyip Erdogan’s policy, politics and understanding to Turkey. They built us on 17-25 December, we made Marmaray, they made us 17-25 December, we We fired the Eurasia Tunnel. They built us on 17-25 December, we HAs produced ATAK helicopters. They built us on 17-25 December, we laid the foundation of the world’s largest airport in this country. They built the 6-8 October events, We have cleared the waste, east and southeast of Yksekova Airport from terrorism, and we have taken steps that can enable our genes to rise stronger into the world. We have never given up on Tayyip Erdoan’s direction. Tayyip Erdoan is not just trying to turn Turkey into a strong and great Turkey. “The future and the future of our civilization are clouding the sky. Today, the Commonwealth of the Republic is releasing it.”

Pointing out that there are economic problems all over the world, Soylu stated that the person who can upset Turkey from this is President Recep Tayyip Erdoan.

Explaining that he has high expectations from the youth, Soylu advised the young people to be in unity and solidarity and to work hard.

Pointing out that the world needs the values ​​of civilization in Turkey, Soylu said, “2023 will not only be the first century of our Republic. It will also initiate a great rise that will set a finger on the whole world. You will continue your life as a very strong generation in a very strong country and you will only return to your own country. You won’t be of use, you’ll be of use to the geography around you, too. But you have to work hard and be in unity.” he residence.

In the program, Dargeit Municipality Minister Mehmet Cneyt Aksoy, AK Party Mardin Deputy Cengiz Demirkaya and AK Party Provincial Minister Faruk Kl also made speeches.

After the speeches, Minister Soylu, who listened to Turkish and Turkish songs sang by the youth, accompanied the young person who sang the “Merdo” song, starting with the song.

Soylu also answered the questions asked by the youth.

The AK Party Provincial Youth Branch Minister Tark Atl, Dargeit and Youth Branch Minister Mehmet Dervi Kl and young people attended the program.

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