He asked his close circle: Why did Sedat Peker keep silent?

Leader of a criminal organization stated to be in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Sedat Pekerhas not been sharing new posts from social media accounts for a while.

Journalist Murat Ağırel conveyed the speech he had with Sedat Peker’s close circle in the program called ‘Get on the Record’ broadcast on Halk TV.

Stating that he reached Sedat Peker’s close circle, Murat Ağırel said that he was told by the person he reached that an invitation was sent to Sedat Peker after the assassination of international gangs.

“Why was Sedat Peker silent?” Indicating that such questions were asked, Ağırel said, “I tried to reach Sedat Peker’s close circle. I asked questions about it” said.

“A digital isolation was being imposed on him (Sedat Peker),” said Ağırel, and continued as follows:

  • It was said that even if the slightest admiration is made on social media, in addition to the digital isolation, jammers will be brought to the house where he lives and his contact with the phone will be cut off. Currently, they have not cut off the internet because of their children’s school. However, they told him that if he shared or liked or retweeted again, they would resort to this path. Afterwards, Sedat Peker was looking for a method about it.


In his statement, Ağırel stated that it was claimed that execution squads were formed for Sedat Peker, adding that “Sedat Peker was also a target, it was announced that whoever killed him would receive a reward.”

Agirel said:

  • An agreement was made with certain groups, international criminal gangs, these gangs used in international organizations, to ‘behead’ the target person, namely to assassinate Sedat Peker. And about this, the Sedat Peker front says; An application was made, which is accepted as an open invitation to all organizations capable of committing murder internationally. This was put forward for the assassination of Sedat Peker, and the awards were given.
  • Execution squads were established. An invitation was made, an open invitation… It was described as “a system where whoever destroys the target can get the reward”. Sedat Peker was also a target, and it was announced that whoever killed him would receive a reward. (Sedat Peker front) They have also reached data on this. I said are these allegations? No, these are things that they’re now at the stage of proof. They had data on that.

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