He apologized saying ‘the consultant did it’

Former Mayor of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Melih Gokcekbecame the agenda with a post he made on his social media account. Former football player of Beşiktaş Vincent Aboubakar Gokcek, who shared an image made for the .

Gökçek said in his post, “Abu Bakeroğlu, a Turkish citizen from Somalia, who fought for your country and your faith, was martyred in the raid of the PKK.‘ he said.


Gökçek, who removed the photo after the replies to the post, said, “I’m sorry, I was immediately aware of the mistake my consultant made and I made this statement.‘ he wrote.

After Gökçek’s sharing, the name Vincent Aboubakar became the agenda on Twitter.

Previously, it was on the agenda with ‘jelibon’.

In a live broadcast that Gökçek attended on 28 June, Sözcü writer Muratoğlu said “6 billion dollars worth of jellybean reserves were found in two wells in Adıyaman, “They found another new thing in Adana. I read it in the newspaper today. I don’t know what it means. I’ll admit. I’ll look into it so I know. It has a name. Children eat it. . Gumballs. Jellybeans found. I don’t know what jelly beans mean. 6 billion dollars worth of jellybeans found underground” he had used.