He accepted the allegations that he ‘slapped his wife’ in France and resigned

MP in France Adrien Quattennesresigned after media disclosures.

Adrien Quattenens to his wife, who is in the process of divorce “slapped” accepted their claims and withdrawn from this action. “very regretful” said that.

After accepting the allegations, Quattennens announced that he was leaving his “coordinator” position in the France Unyielding (LFI) party.

Quattennens said on Twitter, “I am leaving my coordinator position at LFI to protect my resignation activists and everyone who believes in me” said.

The Quattennens couple made a joint statement after the disclosure, “respect for their privacy” requested.

Quattennens, 32, was cited as the successor to LFI party chairman Jean-Luc Melenchon.

Melenchon for pair Quattennens “Media voyeurism and social media manifested in Adrien and Celine’s divorce. Adrien took full responsibility on himself. I trust Adrien and show my love” made the statement.


LFI, which is at the forefront of preventing violence against women, is awash with scandal this year. Sexual abuse cases of party members Taha Bouhafs and Eric Coquerel had previously surfaced in the LFI.

Senator Melanie Vogel, who serves on the Social Policy committee, explained Melenchon’s statement. “another world” called it.

Luc Broussy, chairman of the Socialist Party council, “Melenchon’s response is pathetic. He has once again demonstrated his inability to take the lead of the modern, humanist and feminist left.” said.