HDP statement from Turgut Kazan: Legal scandal

WALL – The Constitutional Court will discuss the demand to cut the Treasury aid to HDP by Bekir Şahin, the Chief Prosecutor of the Supreme Court, on January 6th. Before the meeting, a remarkable statement came from Turgut Kazan, the former President of the Istanbul Bar Association.

Kazan, in a statement, interpreted the request for injunction as a “legal scandal”. Kazan made the following statements on his Twitter account: “The HDP’s request for a measure for the treasury aid that it will receive is a complete legal scandal. He says that if the violation alleged in the ANY/69 case is determined (finally), a decision to “partially or completely deprive” of this aid can be made. Therefore, a sanction is imposed. It can never be applied as a precaution. Especially when it is talked about that the elections could be held in April / May and more aid is given to the parties due to the election year (as per the law), it will be considered a new election fraud to keep the HDP apart. I want to believe that the Constitutional Court will not make such a mistake, shouldn’t.” (NEWS CENTER)