HBO Max Turkey starts broadcasting!

Online streaming platforms While the number of companies broadcasting in our country is increasing day by day, the number of companies broadcasting in our country continues to increase. Recently, many broadcasting platforms have started their activities in Turkey. Coming soon to these platforms HBO Max looks like it’s going in.

HBO Max received the necessary permissions to broadcast in Turkey

egirisim.comAccording to the news of HBO Max, RTÜK got its license and is preparing to start its activities in Turkey. In the details of the news HBO MaxIt is stated that RTÜK applied for a license to RTÜK in the past few days and this application was accepted.

HBO Max announced: Subscriptions will be cheaper!

HBO Max announced: Subscriptions will be cheaper!

Streaming giant HBO Max is taking an important step forward for its users despite all kinds of problems. The company offers discounts on annual subscription prices.

HBO Max is owned by AT&T WarnerMedia It stands out as a subscription-based broadcasting platform offered by Within the platform game of Thrones It contains many productions. At the same time platform-specific content It’s also on HBO Max.

The most prominent among these contents is the prequel series of Game of Thrones. House of Dragons it happened. George R.R. MartinThe series based on the book Fire and Blood by Dance of Dragons It deals with the process leading to the civil war, called the civil war, and this civil war.

HBO MaxIt is not yet clear when it will officially enter the broadcasting life in Turkey. However, the broadcast platform 10-year license from RTÜK It seems that he has completed all the legal procedures with his purchase. After this development, we expect HBO Max to start broadcasting in Turkey in a short time.

HBO Max is planning to reach many users in a short time thanks to TV series such as Game of Thrones and House of Dragons, which have a large number of viewers in Turkey. So what do you think about the launch of the HBO Max platform in Turkey? You can share your views with us in the comments section.