Have a Strong Character for the 8-Question Yes/No Test?

You have a fragile character rather than a strong character. You are tired of being strong in your life and you have started to react according to how everyone feels to you. For a while you tried to hold on to something and even tried to fight. You’ve fought with what life throws at you, with the things that come your way as a result of your choices. But you could do it up to a point. You have chosen to stop being stubborn and accept everything that happened due to reasons beyond your control. You are always looking for a supporter by your side. Because people give you strength. The support of people you trust and believe in shows you what you can achieve. You are not someone who likes to be alone in life. Silence and loneliness bother you. You know you can achieve things, but you don’t want to do it alone. You need to be around the people you love. The fact that you have a fragile structure shows that you can’t get over what you’ve been through easily. You are under the influence of everything too much and you give too much meaning to everything. You don’t want to stand strong against the events that come your way. You don’t want to prove to anyone that you are strong. You are not a strong person, you want to show your feelings to everyone. Trying to be strong in the face of an event that hurts you actually causes you to suppress your emotions.