Hasan Can again, disgrace again!

Murat Boz was the guest of Hasan Can Kaya Talkers program organized by the name made famous by Acun Ilıcalı. Hasan Can Kaya, who published the episode in which he told about his memory with Murat Boz on Youtube channel, made a new disgrace in the name of making him laugh. Murat Boz, on the other hand, acted as if he was ashamed while telling that moment, then showed his level by laughing.. In the part of the program that caused his reaction, the women also Murat Boz made a disgusting hand gesture to a young girl.

Talking about his friendship with Murat Boz, who is known for his political messages from the left but never stops at luxury places, Hasan Can Kaya told about an incident that happened to him while he was on vacation in Alaçatı in the summer. Hasan Can Kaya said, “We were on vacation in Alaçatı, all the girls were with me, until this shit happened” and said words that would cause the women to react. Showing girls as a sexual commodity, describing a man’s amusement with more than one girl with praising words, and using accusatory expressions on girls, such as the girls prefer him when another boy comes. , scorned the nastiness.

While Hasan Can Kaya continued his disgraceful narrative by saying “This came, he attracted all the girls and he started dancing”, Murat Boz replied, “When the girls come to me, I am bad too” and insulted the girls he had amused.

In Hasan Can Kaya’s later narrations, Murat Boz first seemed embarrassed, then started laughing by registering his character. Murat Boz objected to Hasan Can Kaya, who was implying below the waist by saying, “You took off your shirt at one time, do you remember him,” and said, “No, there is no such thing.”

When Murat Boz admitted that he threw towels at the audience girls at concerts, and that even while singing, they targeted not art but the urges below the waist with the audience, Hasan Can asked, “Did you really do such a thing. Did you throw your sweaty towel at people?” When Murat Boz accepted his infamous behavior by saying ‘yes, I did,’ Hasan Can asked, “Why did you do such a thing, Murat,” Murat Boz revealed the distorted relationship between him and the audience with the words “Why do I feel guilty right now.” Sometimes the audience wants things like that from me. They want the towel, and when they want it, I throw it away,” he tried to normalize what he was doing.

Later, Murat Boz also made a hand gesture to a woman in the Talkers. After this hand gesture, which proved the real faces of those who tried to legitimize and hide their disgraceful lives with “art”, “ethical values”, “everything is done for art” discourses, Hasan Can’s reminder, “Bro, that move means ‘come…..’ was nauseating..

It was noteworthy that the immoral rhetoric that continued after that, women’s associations, political parties defending women’s rights and their spokespersons did not receive the necessary reaction.

The nauseating speeches in the program are the advice of İhsan Şenocak Hodja 3 years ago to university girls. “Maybe while you are talking about the job, maybe the lesson, he thinks about your different states. When men sit down with men, they talk about you, your gaze, your sitting position, and who you belong to. If you could hear what the men were talking about, you wouldn’t even stand to look at them again, and you would swear not to enter their environment.” It showed how justified his warning was.

Reaction from İhsan Şenocak to 'morally bigoted' newspapers: Is there anyone to say stop?

Şenocak teacher reminded; The secularist section was once again proved wrong, not only by the fact that men make sexual conversations about girls behind their backs”, “talks that prove how men see girls as a commodity even in front of thousands of spectators”.