Has Selin Cigerci adopted her? Statement from the Ministry

Ministry of Family and Social Services, social media phenomenon Selin Cigerci’He denied the news about his alleged adoption.

In the written statement made by the Ministry; in the press and social media Selin Cigerci’It was stated that there were news and shares about the adoption of the child, and the following statements were included:

“No official application has been made to our Ministry regarding adoption by Selin Ciğerci and her ex-wife Gökhan Çıra, who are mentioned in the article. They applied to the Office of the Chief Public Prosecutor to take all necessary measures to investigate the allegations in the news, to conduct a judicial investigation about those who may be a party to the incident, and to conduct a social investigation regarding the child. found.”

“My son will come soon”

last year Selin Cigerci divorced for the second time and announced that he would sit at the wedding table for the third time. Gokhan CiraHe announced that he was a father on his social media account. Çıra’s statement after sharing Liver, He said that they adopted the baby when he was married and he will take care of it. Cigerci made the following statement on his social media account;

“I will speak once. There are many who want to take credit for this news. I always thought I would be a mother. Yes, I became a mother, you are an aunt! You can congratulate me. We applied when I was married to my ex-wife, all the documents are ready for adoption. My son will come soon. His room for a long time.” “There is no such thing as reconciling with my ex. The child will stay with me, he will come and get it whenever he wants.”

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