The images reflected in the media from Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s honeymoon in Europe, who got engaged in November 2002, postponed the wedding one day before the wedding in October 2003, then separated and got married 20 years later, are like romantic movie scenes. When the Bennifer of the years combined their lives in his 50s, he almost turned into high school lovers. Two stars of the world of music and cinema recently had a romantic dinner together by Lake Como, Italy. Affleck hand-fed the new bride. The couple, who completed their romantic European tour and returned to the USA on their private jet, even held hands until they got on the plane. Petek Dinçöz, who announced at the beginning of the summer that he will now spend most of his time in Miami, USA for the education of his child, changed the course of his life not long after these words. With a surprise decision, the singer married Nida Büyükbayraktar, her youth love. The singer, who made his third marriage with the love of youth, said, “I married my youth love, I am very happy. Ours was an unfinished love. It was sudden for us too, but we are happy.” After Lopez first and then Petek Dinçöz find happiness in their unfinished old love, if someone adopts the phrase “Anything is in the past”, the flea market will begin to shine!


Meghan Markle, who gave the British Royal Family a hard time with her statements in the Oprah Winfrey interview broadcast on CBS last year, spoke to The Cute magazine this time. Markle again made references to the Royal Family, and the British press accused the Duchess of being spoiled. In the interview, Meghan said, “We have upset the hierarchy dynamic of the Royal Family just by being present.

We wanted to make our own money and stop the press from attacking us. We were ready to go to any country in the Commonwealth of Nations; Canada, New Zealand or South Africa,” he said. Harry and Meghan chose the USA, not one of those countries, and settled in Los Angeles. The distance between London and Los Angeles is 8,756 kilometers by bird flight and 11 hours by plane. I haven’t come across any such statement from Prince Harry, but what about Meghan’s banging on Buckingham Palace? You have thrown away the Royal Family and the blessings of the Palace, to another continent, find new occupations there and create a new world for yourself!

I don’t know if it’s because I watched it in the ‘Suit’ series or because the bride went to Buckingham Palace where she had a souvenir photo taken as a tourist.


Recently, when the song ‘Ne Güzel’ entered the trend list on YouTube, Simge Sağın surprised her with the statement “Greetings to the friend who tried to block the access of the clip for a day,” and now he explained that he tried to block a pop singer in the first years of his career: “He did everything he could. period. He saw that it didn’t work, he became close friends with me.” Kissing the wrist that that singer could not bend is a one-sided savings, ‘close friendship’ is something that is on the initiative of both parties. What about the fact that the singer is ‘close friends’ with him even though he is ‘bad’ and insistently keeps the names of the people he fights with each time?


“Do not be sad! If something you want does not happen, or because it will be better; or it doesn’t happen because it really shouldn’t.” (Maulana)


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