Hamit Altintop has taken care of Stefan Kuntz! We will continue


A National TeamLost 2-1 away to Faroe Islands in their last match in the Nations C League 1st Group. TFF National Teams Manager Hamit AltintopTRT after the match SportHe made statements to .

“We continue with the teacher”

“We continue with the teacher. We are determined. Is there a question mark here? There is a claim here. One of my comments closes this claim. I say, ‘We continue with the teacher,’ responsibly. This is the truth. Just because we say we stand behind our teacher does not mean that we should not criticize it. Respect for it. I want us to show it. Just as we did not come to the market after 4 games, we are still making and accepting our criticism. A new administration has come. There will be criticism. If the constructor covers Turkish football with all its stakeholders, it has a place on our heads. We do not have an individual goal here. We do not have an individual goal here. “These are our children. We are making the right warnings. The teacher and his team are working around the clock to lay a solid foundation.”


“We will make our players feel”

“If you don’t run, if you don’t put your head in the duels, if you don’t play decisively, you will lose both Faroe and Luxembourg. We scored 4-5 to all of them 3 months ago, today we are giving this image. It will not be accepted. We will make our players feel this.”