Haluk Levent, who was invited to Istanbul, went to Adana by mistake.

Adana Governor Süleyman Elban invited singer Haluk Levent to the breakfast organized for Adana Taste days. Levent, who went to Adana upon invitation, called the governor to find out where the breakfast was.

Learning that the organization was held in Ortaköy, Istanbul, Levent explained the events as follows:

“Two days ago, the Governor of Adana, Mr. Elban, called.

– We are giving a breakfast on September 27 as part of Adana Taste Days. Will you come?

-Of course, Governor.

Just now:

-Mr. Governor, where is breakfast in the morning?

– At Feriye Restaurant in Ortaköy.

-Ortakoy!! But I came to Adana.

-Don’t do it.

This just happened.

I called the Mayor of Adana Metropolitan Municipality, Zeydan Karalar. He said, “Our Governor Süleyman Elban is with me, Haluk, let me put him on the phone.”

Our governor couldn’t believe it either.

While I thought I was called to Adana… All Adana had gathered in Istanbul, and I came to Adana.”