“Halal” or “No more”?


War Ozbey: I don’t write anything bad about my ex-wife’s marriage, but I think it’s not my place to compliment her “You’re so beautiful”. What, the next step is to witness a wedding? Good luck to those who can, I won’t take it.

Orkun Fame: If it was a story that had just ended Sevket Coruh and Günay Karacaoğlu’s, I would say “oh my god”. But years passed and they became very good friends. That’s why we have to respect and applaud.

Onur Basturk: “Hallo!” Of course… It should be normal for ex-spouses to be friends and support each other’s private life.

Lifetime Gedik: Of course it’s halal! The separations where the ex-spouses are happy with each other’s happiness are very beautiful. I congratulate such civilized couples.


Is Murda the cause of the fight?
event and Mehmet Dinçerler gossip does not end. Now it is said that the reason for the fight of the couple is that Hadise hugs Murda in the last clip. What is your comment?

Orkun Fame: If I were to give a new generation answer: “Yetooooo!” Well, big issues get big smoke, I admit, but this has been a vicious circle. If Mehmet Dinçerler is involved in this, give up! Did you make a deal while getting married, Mehmet Bey, saying “You will stay at home, you will not work, you will not go on stage”? I don’t understand that…

Lifetime Gedik: This topic took too long and it started to taste like pumpkin. They’re divorced, let’s not deal with guesses and allegations anymore unless one of the two makes a statement that will shake the magazine.

War Ozbey: Either “Why did you wear that skirt”… Or “Why did you dance that dance”… Or “Why did Murda hug you”… Or “Why did you look at that audience like that”… Aren’t these the jealousy scenarios we all know? I am not surprised. If it hadn’t come out of there, it would have come from somewhere else. Let’s pray that it’s gone, finished; this work ended without any more unpleasantness, without quarrel and noise.


Onur Basturk: It’s like both sides are trying to make each other look bad and have it perceived as such. news and it started to seem to me like he was spreading gossip.

I started to look at all the news and Hadise’s constant crying and ring throwing on the stage. In other words, I can’t get enough of the rumors like “that’s why they couldn’t come to an agreement” unless both parties come out and talk properly.

get along well
be happy
The love news of the week came from internet celebrity Danla Bilic and actress Kubilay Aka. Can the council map this couple’s harmony?

War Ozbey: They appeared hand in hand in front of people. So, they measured some things, weighed them and took the risk. You can only make one wish to people who come across you like this: May Allah make them complete. What’s next, we’ll see together.


Lifetime Gedik: I like to talk about relationships that started, not separation. I hope they get along well and are happy.

Orkun Fame: I do not see the relationships announced too early as sustainable. It is necessary to be a little sure of each other, to love a little, to connect a little. We see and hear the news of separation very often because they do not do this and act hastily. Anyway, let them be happy.

Onur Basturk: There are comments that they look incompatible, but I think they look good. My last decision.

in laziness
i got old!
“I’m making a career of laziness, I don’t want to work hard and I consider myself semi-retired,” Teoman said. Do you have a sloth career dream?


Lifetime Gedik: It feels like I’m going to die if I stop. Don’t be fooled by Teoman saying he’s making a career of laziness. Yes, he does not travel from city to city, as before, but he continues to produce.

Onur Basturk: I adore Teoman. He says whatever’s on his mind. Moreover, he lives. I think idleness and laziness are a right as well as work. We didn’t grow up like that, maybe we weren’t brought up like that, but I think laziness is good for people.

This should be done from time to time as well as working non-stop. That’s why I say long live Teoman, we are behind you!

War Ozbey: Of course, I have a career plan for sloth, but I’m stuck with the age of sloth. Of course, we can’t all be a Teoman. Song, fame, love, marriage, kids, possibly money…


The man sifted the flour and hung his sieve. Should Teoman not make a career of laziness, but should we?

Orkun Fame: I don’t want any, you know? No one can make me a career of laziness. Wouldn’t it be so boring? But I respect whoever did it.

Teoman is a very deserving name. He paid the price on time, he shed his sweat, everything is right now.

TikTok effect
It was claimed that Mehmet Ali Erbil earned 100 thousand liras a day from TikTok. Another claim is that the ‘famous people’ entered TikTok. Do you think people who are not famous anymore are entering TikTok?

Orkun Fame: Even if that is not the purpose of the platform, I think it is in our country. Those who are stuck in money, whose reputation is decreasing, both earn money and become the agenda. Also, I don’t think that big money is made in one day.

War Ozbey: Not so in the world, from Beyoncé to Jennifer Lopez, they all joined TikTok. We have a bit of a “faded” situation. The reason is that the audience of juiciness and smack is ready from yesterday.

Lifetime Gedik: The influence of TikTok in every field is indisputable. On the contrary, celebrities are on TikTok and actively use it not to make money, but to promote their business.

Onur Basturk: Honestly, I don’t follow TikTok. But it’s too bad this is fundraising. Literally modern begging. How are they not ashamed?

is Kanye
whatever it does
famous rapper Kanye West, posted a photo of her ex-mother-in-law Kris Jenner on her Instagram profile. Are you surprised by this move?

Onur Basturk: It’s Kanye, whatever he does. He probably sees Kris as the root of all evil.

Orkun Fame: I guess he’s crazy. May God not give such trouble to anyone. This is called ‘harassment harassment harassment’. It’s called ‘violence violence violence’.

War Ozbey: He wanted to be President of the USA. If he deals with them. Give yourself to your music…

Lifetime Gedik: Well, not crazy, on the contrary, smart. It is on the agenda and it annoys the other side.