grt with CENTCOM Commander Eleba Mazlum Kobani

The USA, which has turned the Greek port city of Dedeaa, 45 kilometers from the Turkish border, into an arsenal, is also in pursuit of a dirty game on the Turkey-Iraq border.

2 PKK terrorists were killed in the attack carried out by the terrorist organization DEA the previous day, on the Al Hol camp on the highway that connects the Kaml district of Syria’s Hasakah province to the Iraqi border.

The US Central Command (CENTCOM) also published a message on the Turkey page, expressing its condolences to the terrorist organization.


CENTCOM, which continues its active support to the terrorist organization, carried out a joint exercise with PKK terrorists in Derik town, just across the Cizre district of rnak, on the day we arrived, and in the exercise where heavy weapons were used, the US and the terrorist organization’s rags were hung on the armored vehicles.


According to the news in Yeniafak, the Washington administration, which continued to support the organization despite Turkey’s warnings and statements, organized a morale visit to the PKK/YPG after the attack in El Hol.

General Commander of the US Central Command (CENTCOM) Michael Corella and the accompanying delegation met with Mazloum Kobani, one of the leaders of the terrorist organization PKK/YPG/SDG.

In the photos shared, it was seen that the US commander received information about the region from terrorist elements.

Sources close to the terrorist organization also stated that during the visit, the humanitarian and security situation in the El Hol camp was discussed and then a private meeting was held.


Evaluating the last education given by the USA on the border of Turkey on Friday night, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said, “Unfortunately, the wrong steps taken by the USA regarding the SDF continue until today. Of course, if you pay attention to the name, they put it as the ‘Syrian Democratic Forces’. “Unfortunately, America has always sent thousands of trucks, vehicles, equipment and ammunition to these terrorist organizations. It still sends it. Of course, it is not only the joint work they did with the coalition forces in Syria, but they unfortunately did the same thing in Iraq as well. They still continue to do it.” “In addition to their support for these weapons, ammunition and equipment, they also provide serious training support at the point of education. If we get the opportunity to meet with the Minister at the United Nations General Assembly, I will discuss this issue with them,” he said.

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