Greece’s plans to supply Ukraine with the Russian S-300 are “provocative” and “hostile”

Maria Zakharova, Spokesperson of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, GreeceHe said Russia’s plans to supply Ukraine with Russian S-300 air defense systems were “provocative” and “hostile”.

Zaharova made a written statement regarding the allegations in the Greek media that “Greece is ready to hand over the Russian S-300 air defense systems to Ukraine”.

Stating that the Greek administration has made similar statements recently, Zaharova said, “We think that the (Greek administration’s) provocative plans to send the S-300 and other Russian and Soviet air defense systems to the Kyiv regime are hostile.” used his statements.


​“Greece will be complicit in sending weapons to conflict zones and Ukraine will be complicit,” Zaharova said. Russia Emphasizing that he would violate the agreements he made with the military in the field of military technique in 1995 and 2013, he said:

“These agreements prohibit Greece from transferring the military equipment we procured without the consent of Russia to a third country. Violation of the obligations in the agreement will have inevitable consequences, weakening Greece’s defense capacity. This shows that the Greek side is indifferent to international restrictions on arms trade. “All military equipment sent to Kiev will be tracked and destroyed in time by Russian forces. Dangerous plans can be abandoned before it’s too late. We warn the Greek administration that it must be responsible.”

In the news in the Greek media, it was claimed that “Greece will send the S-300 air defense systems procured from Russia to Ukraine in case the USA places the Patriot anti-aircraft missile system on the island of Crete.”

Photo: AP