Greece is officially playing with fire! Greek press wrote… Here is Athens’ plan for Crete

Creation Date: October 11, 2022 10:44

Tension on the Ankara-Athens line has been increasing for a while with the statements coming from the Greek front. A claim came from the Greek press that would raise the tension to its peak. Here is Athens’ plan for Crete…


Neighbor Greeceonce again on the agenda Turkey.

Newspapers in Greece, which has recently made statements targeting Turkey, have once again devoted their pages to Turkey.

The Greek press wrote that Athens discussed a move seen by Turkey as ‘a reason for war’.

According to the news in Ta Nea, Greece plans to increase the territorial waters of the coastal region south of Crete from 6 miles to 12 miles.

Turkey had previously described the increase of Greece’s territorial waters beyond 6 miles as “a reason for war”.

The article alleged that Greece had no obligation to inform its allies of this decision.


In the same news, referring to a source close to the government, it was stated that presidential decrees are ready and that they can be submitted directly to the UN.

In the news that referred to the Turkey-Libya agreement, it was also underlined that Athens could use this decision as a trump card.



Relations between Turkey and Greece were strained after the statement of Greek Prime Minister Mitsotakis in the USA.

Mitsotakis, without giving his name, referring to Turkey, ‘Greece is extending a hand of friendship to its neighbors. However, we will not tolerate violations of our sovereignty, our sovereign rights and overflights over the Greek islands, which must cease immediately. “I ask you members of Congress to consider the danger of a new instability on NATO’s southeast flank when making decisions about arms sales in the region.”

With these words, Miçotakis indirectly demanded not to approve the sale of F-16 aircraft to Turkey.

The Greek Prime Minister said, ‘I ask you members of Congress not to forget a wound that Hellenism has suffered greatly for 48 years and which still does not heal. I mean the attack on Cyprus and the violent splitting of the island. No one will ever accept two separate states in Cyprus,’ and his words were applauded.


Mitsotakis also made anti-Turkey statements at a panel held in Rotterdam within the framework of the 27th Congress of the European People’s Party.


According to Greek media, Mitsotakis, while referring to Turkey, said: ‘We are living in a period of tension, we cannot tolerate a new version of revisionism in history, fantasies about lost empires and displays of power that are not compatible with international law. “We will not consent to the violation of our sovereign rights,” he said.

“At this time, the last thing we need on NATO’s southeast flank is tension. Someone in Russia would be very happy about something like this,’ he said.


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