Greece asks for help from the USA, we will do what is necessary

WALL – President Erdoğan spoke in the program of the Mawlid-i Nebi Week Opening Program and the International Hafiz and Quran Recitation Contest Award Ceremony.

Stating that they care about the problems of Muslims all over the world and saying, “They have our minds and hearts,” Erdoğan stated that the 21st century has turned into an ‘age of depression’. Saying, “We are number one in the world in helping the oppressed,” Erdogan said to Greece, “The Greek Prime Minister seeks help from the United States. Against what? Against Turkey. Whatever you do, we will always do what is necessary, we are ready to do it.” President Erdoğan said, “We are number 1 in the world in helping the oppressed. America is number 1, not the West.”

Highlights from President Erdogan’s statements are as follows:

THE 21st CENTURY IS TURNING INTO THE AGE OF DECREASE: “As humanity, we wake up to a new crisis and a new tension almost every day. We are experiencing the painful results of the bloody war that broke out before we could overcome the devastating effects of the epidemic. The 21st century is literally turning into an age of depression. and political turmoil, bloody actions targeting the innocent age have become the hallmarks of the new age.

WE DO AGAINST GREECE: We watch how they bury those innocent and poor people in the Aegean and Mediterranean from the Greek ferries. Does the world sound? No. Our frigates run and rescue them from the sea. Because we are Muslims. We are fulfilling the requirements of our Muslims. Now out, the Prime Minister of Greece is asking for help from America. He asks for help against Turkey. Whatever you do, we will always do what is necessary and we are ready to do it.

DIVERSE CURRENTS ARE SPREADING DAY TO DAY: It is becoming more and more clear that the materialist prescriptions, which have been presented to humanity as a recipe for salvation for years, are not a solution and lead to disaster economically, politically and morally. Deviant currents are spreading day by day with the encouragement of global powers. We see that the family institution is under greater attack than at any other time in history. Against our family structure, from this blessed evening, I am calling out to my nation watching us here on their screens; It is strong families that make nations nations. We are giving the best answer on this blessed night to those who want to shake our family structure, by Allah’s leave, by preserving this strong family structure.

IN DEVELOPED COUNTRIES, MARRIAGE INSTITUTION IS LOSE FUNCTION: By Allah’s leave, no one will be able to destroy this nation as long as it stands upright in the face of such ugly, strange and fierce currents. In many so-called developed countries, the institution of marriage is about to lose its function. Our human qualities that distinguish us from other living things are threatened with extinction. Unfortunately, our young people are exposed to these threats. He is grappling with very serious threats, from alcohol and alcohol to drugs, from screen addiction to nihilism, which is the mother of all evils.

ISIS IS FETO’S SOUL TWIN: While the method of prophetic invitation was based on mercy and compassion, today we sometimes witness extremely difficult situations both in our country and in the Islamic world. I don’t even feel the need to express heretical approaches like Daesh-like takfiri organizations and FETO. Their aim is to serve the imperialists. Although it seems separate from the outside, FETO is no different from DAESH. One is the soul mate of the other. Daesh is FETO’s soul mate. All of these are pawns that Islam and anti-Muslim circles put on the field with different appearances and discourses, just like the PKK. We know very well who is holding the bridle of these murderous herds. We have not forgotten the night of July 15, we will not forget. We do not forget about 250 martyrs and around 2,200 veterans.

We witness that people who have appeared in some media, especially on social media, resort to the language of anger, wrath, fear, and even cover for frauds while describing Islam. We know that he finds it difficult to keep people’s hearts away from Allah’s religion instead of warming them up. Maybe there are some well-intentioned ones among them. But it is clear that it has no place in Islam to make an eyebrow when it comes to eyebrows.

BEZİRGANS SHOULD NOT BE RESPECTED: It is imperative that those who explain Islam use careful language. Our nation should definitely not respect these merchants, who label people as infidels, sinners, and hypocrites with the seal they have seized, whose competence is disputed and whose authority is uncertain. If necessary, the establishment of a suprastructural mechanism should also be evaluated, as in previous ages. Our Diyanet community, whose duty is science and guidance, has to produce answers to the problems and questions faced by our people from all walks of life, in the light of the Qur’an, sirat and sunnah. We may have to pay a very heavy price in places where FETO and dark organizations that produce material for DAESH roam.

Some people are trying to get Muslims from the same places by producing some new things. I pray that Allah will make us among those who take his Messenger as an example in the duty of invitation and guidance. Even though they are the targets of various rudeness and ruthless criticism, I wish success to all our teachers who work with determination and perseverance.” (HABER MERKEZİ9)