Great news for drivers! Everyone will celebrate after January

Citizens have started to experience great difficulties due to the increase in fuel prices. The eyes on oil prices were turned to January. All the details are here.

Eyes on Brent oil are in January. It is said that Brent oil prices will decrease in January and will bring a feast to the drivers. So what are the predictions about prices? You can find all the details in our news.


After the central banks accelerated the rate hike, oil prices began to decline. It was learned that for the first time since January, US crude oil fell below $80 and Brent oil fell below $85.5. It has been learned that the price of Brent oil per barrel has decreased to 86 dollars in the market. While Brent oil closed the day at $ 90.46, it fell to $ 86.56 as of September 23.

Brent Oil Drops For The First Time Since January

At the same time, the price of Western Repeat oil per barrel fell to $79.22. It is known that the barrel price of Brent oil fell to $ 86 in January. It is thought that the rapid increase in interest rates by central banks affected oil prices in this way. At the same time, the rise of the dollar also affects prices. Following the Fed meeting decision, Norway, Indonesia, Switzerland, the Philippines, Taiwan and South Africa also decided to increase interest rates. The US dollar also affects the international dollar, and this increase continues to affect oil prices. Oil prices are expected to continue falling.