Government’s eye on 8-month economic outputs

Our economic model results since the beginning of the year it became clear. Nowadays, in the wing of government eight-month assessments is being done. Economic outcomes are being reviewed. What was intendedwhat was the result? What was the intention, what was the fate?… These are under investigation.

Let’s look at the numerical data; According to the results of Foreign Trade Statistics, July 2022 announced by TURKSTAT, in the January-July period exports 19.1%, imports 40.7% It increased. So, what happened to the foreign trade deficit? The foreign trade deficit from $25 billion $62 billion rose; well 143% increased by the rate.


On the first trading day of the year 13.44 TL the dollar rate 18.19 TL, 15.26 TL the one which… Euro dry 18.12 TL. in January 48.60% inflation in July 80% at the border. What about producer prices? in January 93.53% while now 144.61%. Our inflation target 5% and current inflation. 20 times

Data matters… For this, you need to measure, reap. For you don’t know if you can’t measure, If you don’t know, you can’t manage. However honor of data if is vital. If you change the data according to your mind, route can’t hold, rudder you will be surprised. When you miss the target to put the signboard where it hits the trailerin vain…


What do the first 7 months results tell?

Results for the first seven months; your goals 20 times away He tells us that we are being swept away and that we need to have an action plan in order to catch the averages at least.

Which measure can bring a trend towards the averages in the economy?

A return to traditional monetary policy may be a step forward. heterodox with export, production, employment and growth while increasing current surplus would occur. It was the other way around, but “eclectic“on this road towards an unknown we keep on going.



Economic changing the contents of datasetsconstantly experienced by managers circulationsformed between the felt and the actual figures. cliffsdata reality to lose caused.

The business world is at every stuck point. passive measures took. While our external inputs are constantly increasing our foreign dependency we climbed. still in export share of high-tech products 2.8% rate. We do not support value-added production we to the import swamp getting more and more every day. Besides money we do not print ourselves We make payments with

This mediocrely in the economy quantitative figures to see and be happy; us even more in a difficult situation stings. Identifying a problem if you can’t describe You can never develop a solution.

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