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The reputation of the places in Çeşme spreads from ear to ear. People of Izmir go because someone says it’s very beautiful. Everyone knows each other, they roam in clans. Whether a place is good or bad, it is heard quickly. This is how the product is revealed. There are those who can not finish the praise. But there were also those who said it sucked. Someone even claimed that he was poisoned, which is not always respected in the whisper newspaper.

This is the most assertive Çeşme restaurant of this season. A view out of this world, on a dreamy pier. Shifne looks disgraceful during the day, but becomes extraordinary when it gets dark. Actually, this is the pier of a hotel. It’s obvious that they’re a little bit jealous of the Queen of Spades. In the evenings, it turns into a place called Ortaya Mahsül, which offers a tasting menu consisting only of seafood, and asks for 900 TL for it. We decided to spend 900 TL per person to see how great it could be or how bad it could be, and we went to Ortaya Mahsül. He deserved all the words said about him: magnificently awful.


When you enter the website for reservation, the link you click leads you to Skype. When you call from there “Contact us on WhatsApp,” A message is coming. To reach from WhatsApp, you first save that number in the directory, a form comes as an automatic reply to your message. There are certain questions on the form: Which branch of Ortaya do you want to make a reservation for, how many people will come, what time is it etc. After filling these, another message comes: “Contact Ms. Ege.” Ms. AegeanAnother automatic message this time when you call “Write from WhatsApp,” says. This time too Ms. AegeanIt is necessary to save it in the directory and access it again from there.

I gave up at some point in this adventure. “Reserving a restaurant shouldn’t be this hard” when i say “Restaurant not restaurant” they gave my place with the answer. Those who are arrogant to someone who makes a living from language “parsley” hadn’t written. I directed them to the TDK dictionary and moved on with my life. luckily “celebrity” a friend of ours “Ms. Aegean should call me immediately” when he instructed, a few minutes later his phone rang, Ms. Aegean the soldier was cut off and our table was reserved at that moment.

Such attitudes no longer offend me. New York has trained me with restaurants that are impossible to enter, reservation lines that are always busy, and maitre d’s who treat customers like dogs. I also liked the arrogance of Ortaya Mahsül at first, because it raised the bar for expectations. Then that bar fell to the ground.

I don’t know where to hold it. A restaurant where it is very difficult to find a table probably knows that tomatoes must be salted first, and that it will only taste like this. No, they don’t know. Nor do they know that the peach must ripen before being put on the grill, because the orange slices on the plate were the consistency of apples.

In the following appetizer plate, there was an ordinary marinated sea bass, seaweed with sesame oil and yogurt (this is Çeşme, what’s the deal?) in a laker bowl measuring millimeters thick, and an inexpensive and low-cost Cretan pate. There were three of us, three of us each picked up a fork and left. Because there was no point in continuing. The first part of 900 TL went to them.

Next up is the sardine ‘taco’. Taco’s historical origin is based on our wrap, while Turkey is just discovering the ‘taco’. If only the lavash, sorry, tortilla hadn’t tasted like it was bought from Migros. Who knows how many times that fried, oiled sardines were sent back. Eating the grilled squid back “I like heavy food, but this is heavy even for me,” Then my friend next to me told me to remove it from the table immediately, that he could not stand the smell. Fix was the only edible hot graniose shashlik on the menu, which also suffered from being overcooked.

The only main course option of the night was pasta with seafood. Of course, serving pasta as the main course in the 900 TL tasting menu is also to avoid costs and to bring it cheap. in the kitchen Massimo Bottura, this is not Modena, so we can all look forward to its famous ragu. (Bottura to the best place in the world consecutively “osteria” says; In Italian, it’s under the restaurant.)

It was as if the pasta sauces sold in jars in supermarkets were mixed with Superfresh frozen seafood and brought before us. Sometime “Pasta with sauce,” We joked. Fortunately, there was also a creamy option; it was a little more edible, because whatever you put in cream and oil is edible.


The pasta I received had a trapped clam in it. If there was a cook who knew how to eat here, he wouldn’t have missed it. Closed mussels poison. But Ortaya Mahsül seems to have everything—the claim, the scenery, the weather—but no one knows how to cook. It may be necessary not to ignore the allegations in the newspaper Whisper; indoor mussel poisons. Everyone who comes to the restaurant should know that they will not eat the closed mussels, right? The customer does not always know what they want. If he knew, Henry Ford he still sold carriages.

Here too, the customer wanted cheese on top of the seafood pasta. on the menu “parmesan” writes, what I tasted was simply grated feta cheese. In Italy, anyone who wants cheese for seafood pasta or risotto throws the plate at their head. Bottura I guess if he saw this mix, he would go out of his heart. We just sent the main dishes back as they arrived.

At one point, I thought about calling the bank and disputing the credit card charge. credit cards “money taken for a service not rendered”or the right to appeal. But then the ice cream came. Three scoops of ice cream for three people. Honey almond. With baklava chips on it. One of us was not crispy, one of us was half melted, one of us was just the right consistency. The three of us shared a scoop of ice cream, so we went down in history as starving customers who paid three times 900 TL for a scoop of ice cream. After giving the 100 TL to valet, the three of us were in the car at the same time. “Should we go to Dost Pide?” we said.



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