Good news for those who want to own a home! Akbank gives 300 thousand TL housing loan with low interest

Good news for those who want to own a home! Akbank gives 300,000 TL housing loan with low interest: Citizens who want to own a house before the end of the year continue to research the loan campaigns given by banks. Those who do not want to be affected by the hikes in housing prices that will come with the new year and those who want to own a house compare bank-bank loan opportunities.

Akbank also announced the housing loan campaign it published on its official website. Accordingly, it has announced that it has given a housing loan of up to 300 thousand TL, with a maturity opportunity of up to 120 months and a low interest rate. What are the details of this housing loan campaign offered by Akbank? Sample payment table and all other information were announced on Akbank’s website.


According to the housing loan campaign announced on Akbank’s official website, it offers you the opportunity to own your own house with interest rates starting from 1.99% per month. You can arrange your housing loan payments with convenient payment terms and personalized payment plans. In order to apply for Akbank housing loan and to get detailed information, you need to go to Akbank branches.


As seen on the annual cost table, Akbank offers housing loan opportunities up to TL 300 thousand with maturity and different interest rates. Accordingly, an interest rate of 1.99% is applied for a 24-month maturity. An interest rate of 2.03 percent is applied with a 60-month maturity opportunity. With the 120-month maturity opportunity, a housing loan of 300 thousand TL will be given with an interest rate of 2.05 percent. For details, simply go to the nearest Akbank branch and get information.