Good news for those who have a bank card under the age of 69! It will be given for free

Banks are launching many different campaigns to make their customers happy. While some banks provide convenience to their customers while taking loans, some banks make agreements with different companies and give their customers the chance to win gifts and privileges. Akbank, one of the banks that attaches importance to customer satisfaction, has decided to cooperate with Vodafone, the mobile operator brand of the years.

According to the campaign, Vodafone customers will be able to earn monthly internet packages if they become Akbank customers via Akbank mobile. When we look at the packages, we can say that the amount of data given is quite high. Those who are Akbank customers for the first time can purchase up to 30 GB of data packages. At this point, it is known that different banks put into effect different campaign conditions. At this point, Akbank comes to the fore when such campaigns come to the fore!

This feature saves lives. SGK will send automatic notification when the salary decreases.

What are the Terms of Participation?

In order to receive data packages within the scope of the campaign carried out in cooperation with Akbank and Vodafone, it is obligatory to make your transactions via Akbank mobile. If you do this from points other than mobile banking, you cannot apply for the data package campaign. All you have to do to become an Akbank mobile customer is to download Akbank’s phone application and then click on I want to be a customer option and follow the steps in sequence. After completing the steps, you will see a code to receive your data package. You can use this code to receive your data package via Vodafone. You have 3 months to use the package you bought with the campaign.

This feature saves lives. SGK will send automatic notification when the salary decreases.

Details Announced

When we look at the conditions of the Akbank data package campaign, participation in this campaign is one time only. So you can only take advantage of this promotion once. Again, only Vodafone postpaid line owners can only benefit from this campaign. If you are using a different operator, you cannot benefit from this campaign.

After participating in the campaign, 10 Gb data package will be uploaded to the mobile phones of the people every month. The upload will be made on the day you join each month. If you carry your phone within 3 months or your line becomes restricted, your package will be cancelled. There is also an age limit for participation in the campaign. People over 70 cannot apply for this campaign.

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