Good news for the retired and civil servant who signed a bank contract with a low promotion! You can increase your promotional payment with this method

The issue of bank promotions, which is closely related to both employees and retirees, continues to be on the agenda every day. “Can promotional payments be increased?”, “What is the method to increase promotional payments?” You can find the answers to your questions in the rest of our news.


Each public and institution’s promotional processes differ, and institutions are contacting banks to cancel union and employee commissions and unexpired contracts. This is where the compensation clause comes into play. According to the legislation, if the contract is terminated in the first year, the entire promotion is refunded, and if the second and third year is terminated, 50 percent is refunded. For this method, all officers working in that institution must be in the same decision.

Promotion amounts for retirees related to the subject go up to 8000 TL. In addition, a promotional payment of 10 thousand TL is made to the pensioner who brings his/her relative. Retired citizens who make their commitments can also benefit from these campaigns. All that needs to be done is to return the promotion amount for the period close to the end of the commitment. However, it is necessary to be careful in this regard because some banks may block retirees using loans. Do not be afraid, thanks to the Supreme Court decisions, if your bank does not allow you, you can apply to the Consumer Arbitration Committee.


The promotion received is divided into 36 months,

The resulting amount is multiplied by the remaining time of the commitment,

For example, at the end of the commitment, there was a return fee of 900 TL. To calculate this, you just need to make 900/36 and multiply the result by 6.


If you terminate your contract in the first year, the entire promotion will be refunded, and if terminated in the second and third year, 50 percent will be refunded.

For example; If 6 thousand liras were received per staff, 6 thousand liras will be returned if the contract is terminated in the first year, and 3 thousand liras if it is terminated the following year.


Public institutions will evaluate the promotion received through commissions.

If the promotion received is low, the contracts are terminated.

Each officer is obliged to accept this condition.

When using the right of withdrawal, the indemnity clause will definitely come into effect.

The remaining portion of the promotion received must be paid to the bank.

High promotion is achieved by signing a new contract.

For retirees;

If your bank does not allow the change, you can apply to the Consumer Arbitration Committee.

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