Good news for retirement! The President pressed the button for cash needs! Payable by the end of September

Retired citizens, in case they need cash, immediately participate in a new government-supported consumer loan campaign in accordance with the conditions and use a consumer loan that they can apply for. After the announcement made by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, the results are given within 5 minutes for the citizens who want to get a loan by making their applications and these approved loans are transferred to you through your public bank accounts.

If you receive your pension from Ziraat Bank, Vakıfbank and Halkbank, you will be able to quickly participate in these loan campaigns, where you can learn your results within 5 minutes, by making your application, and with these approved loans, you will be able to make payments to your accounts within the same day. People who have economic difficulties and cannot use loans from banks can get consumer loans from banks immediately in accordance with the conditions in case they need cash.

Ziraat Bank Vakifbank and Halkbank Limits have been set for state-supported loans if you receive a pension over While using a 36-month term loan up to 50000 TL without proof of income, up to 100000 TL with a 24-month term, if over 100000 TL, 12-month term loans have been prepared for you.

Retirees in need of cash can make their applications through internet banking applications without going to bank branches, and it has been announced that citizens who will benefit from high-limit credit facilities will also be provided with consumer loans by closing their debts in the other bank. Ziraat Bank Vakifbank and Halkbank Citizens who will get a consumer loan by applying through the website allow them to take advantage of the loan facility within 5 minutes by making payments to their accounts on the same day. Through these campaigns, where you can participate in the general purpose loan campaign by sending a message via your mobile phone, you are requested to immediately transfer your bank salary to public banks in order to participate in these state-supported loans and approved by the Presidency.

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